"First, the girl's marg was too 'bitter' so they needed to order a new one. Okay, no big deal. Food comes out pretty quickly. They had to send back one of the small plates because it had bell peppers on it, she's allergic to bell peppers, can they have another one without peppers? Sure.

At this point, a manager comes by to make sure everything is okay after the drink fiasco and learns about the bell pepper issue. Server comes back and says that bell pepper is actually cooked into the dish's sauce, would she like to order something else? No, it's okay, she only allergic to raw bell peppers. There's an oil that goes away once it's cooked. Okay...

After dinner, the guy says to her, 'I just wanted to let you know, for your Valentine's Day present, I'm going to pay for your Sirius radio for the next year!'

'Oh... (long awkward pause) I guess I was kinda expecting a little ... more ...' Poor guy looks shocked. She goes on, 'I thought with you getting your raise this year, we'd be going to Miami.'

'Well, this isn't your present or anything and nothing is set in stone, but I'm working on planning the Miami trip.'

She's still disappointed. This goes on for a little while. Finally, she accepts the gift and seems content.

It's clear the guy doesn't have a ton of money but wanted to do something thoughtful. And this restaurant was not exaxtly cheap ($100+ check for hubby and me) so this was probably supposed to be like, a super nice dinner for them. I felt bad for the dude."