I love ice cream and Route 66, this is perfect!

Who doesn't love ice cream? It's delicious, and the perfect way to beat the summer heat (or eat it year-round if you're like me!). Since warmer months are finally upon us, let's make an ice cream float inspired by Route 66! Taste of Home has a great recipe, let's take a look.


1 cup of chilled club soda

3 scoops of chocolate or vanilla ice cream

3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup

Optional: honey-roasted peanuts, animal crackers, whipped cream, cherries, sliced bananas, or cut-up peanut butter cups. Or, whatever toppings you prefer!


Pour two tablespoons of chocolate syrup into a glass or bowl. Put the two scoops of ice cream over the chocolate ice cream over the syrup and add the remaining chocolate syrup. 

Top it off with the club soda, and put on your toppings! Enjoy immediately.

Nutrition Facts (calculated without toppings)

One serving is 578 calories, 22g fat (13g saturated fat), 238mg sodium, 9g protein, 92g carbohydrate (83g sugars, 2g fiber), and 67mg cholesterol.