A woman named Karen (for real, not a joke) recently wrote into Magic Valley's opinion column expressing her concerns with the labeling term "Karen" in today's society. We understand it's not easy being one of the nice Karens. To have their name smeared by the insanity of other Karens. But just like watching a train wreck, I can't stop looking no matter how horrible it is. It's worth the read.

Our author begins with quite an introduction for herself:

I am a Karen. Long before this current meme defining a “Karen” as a privileged white woman, a racist, a mask-refusing, histrionic, complaining snob, above it all and especially entitled, I was born a Karen. That is my name. I have always liked my name. To me it has always been connected in my heart with caring and kindness.

While there's nothing wrong in taking pride in one's name, what's in a name, really? It's just an Internet trend, man. There's no need to take it so personally. Yet it's quite ironic that "Karens" are the complete opposite of caring and kind. They're entitled and desire to make everyone's life absolutely miserable by complaining about anything and everything they can.

Is this Karen...literally about to pull a "Karen"... in an attempt to get us all to stop using "Karen"...?

Now it is used so thoughtlessly to describe someone that I do not identify with. Just like when teens say, “That is so gay” when they mean “That is so stupid, ugly, bad, etc.” Words have power to hurt. People can be so thoughtless and without empathy. But now we no longer say “r-----” or “n-----.” That is because those words are finally considered offensive, filled with hate and evil. It took us awhile though didn’t it?

Yep, she is.

She's literally comparing her name to derogatory slurs?! This woman really thinks her 5 letter name holds the same negative connotation as racism and homophobia!? Someone take my keyboard away from me before I go off.

Deep breaths, people there's still a little more to go. (Remember that "can't look away from a train wreck" feeling? It's bad).

Some of my own high school students have called me a “Karen” when they choose to be disrespectful, which teenagers can be sometimes.

Wah, wah, wah. We've all been teenagers. High schoolers are jerks, but teachers can be huge jerks, too. If you can't handle HIGH SCHOOLERS disliking you as a TEACHER, maybe you shouldn't be a teacher?

Maybe it's time to channel into that "caring" and "kind" aspect of your name more. Maybe they're calling you a Karen because you're making their lives miserable as most teenagers assume every teacher is out to do.

I will continue to be Karen. But you might want to think about how it feels to have your name associated with being something negative through no fault of your own. How would you feel? Please don't continue the labeling of calling someone who is behaving badly a "Karen." It is hurtful to us kind Karens.

I can't get over the entitlement. I have a million things to say but think @mystisai's comment takes care of this one.

"Gosh Karen, you're really being a bit of a Pessimistic Patty. If you're going to be a Chatty Cathy, you should be a little less Nervous Nellie or Debbie Downer. More of an Anytime Annie, than a Negative Nancy. Maybe you can come up with some alternatives Johnny on the spot."

What were your thoughts when reading through this "I Am A Karen" letter?