Take a break from that massive brick of a book you've been flipping through and enjoy some tweets that speak to your soul! If you're a bookworm, you've no doubt felt all of these tweets at some point.

1. You've probably heard of a book before...

2. If I read it enough times, will I convince myself it didn't happen?

3. Listen up poets!

4. No wonder I see so much shampoo in the subway!

5. A pile of books is objectively better than a man.

6. I'm not the only one frustrated by this!

7. A foolproof plan!

8. The ultimate burn!

9. It's very very hard to have a favorite GRRM character...

10. I will give him points for the pun!

11. Waiting for my library-themed rom-com to finally happen...

12. Raising those kids right!

13. Fictional characters > actual people around me

14. Romeo? Jumping to conclusions? More likely than you think!

15. Make it happen Amazon!

16. Let me know if this line ever works on anyone.

17. Me interacting with my family in person:

18. All bookworms will really know what's up...

19. There's nothing better!

20. Justin Timberlake should have have sung it like this instead:

21. Hehehe, quality pun right here:

22. They didn't think that expression through very well:

23. Bookworms during all of quarantine:

24. I need a mark in my life!

25. I want to get this advice tattooed on myself:

26. The author really took some weird creative choices!

27. The best life hack of them all:

28. I am so ready for the Shakespeare Cinematic Universe!