Romance covers can get so repetitive with their shirtless hunks and tender embracing. Why not make them as bizarre as possible? These hysterical covers actually exist, and I am so curious if the story is as weird as the cover makes it seem! Also keep in mind these covers are pretty steamy in odd ways, so they are fairly NSFW.

1. Um, what are y'all going to do with that porcupine?!

2. That bear looks just as confused as I am looking at this cover.

3. This cover leaves very, very little to the imagination.

4. Couldn't they have chosen literally any other title?!

5. What...what does she mean 'inspired by true events'?!

6. Plaid, the most dangerous pattern of them all.

7. Pregnant AND barefoot? Can you even have both of those things in a book??

8. Does the author know that dinosaurs became extinct way before this woman was born?!

9. This seems genuinely painful.

10. Bad grammar? In a randomly specific romance novel? It's more likely that you think.

11. Only the best men bring their babies to air fields.

12. The sequel to the Alien movies that nobody asked for:

13. You know this is a serious and dramatic romance because of that cat.

Which one was your favorite book cover? What are some romance books that are actually god and not any of these? Let us know in the comments!