Can't wait to see these places one day!

Enjoy Illinois highlighted a few of the many stops on Route 66, and as an Illinois native, I need to see them all! Here are my top ten picks of Illinois Route 66 stops.

1. Gemini Giant - Wilmington

2. World’s Largest Covered Wagon - Lincoln

3. Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum - Pontiac

4. Pink Elephant Antique Mall - Livingston

5. Cozy Dog Drive In - Springfield

6. Paul Bunyon Hotdog Statue - Atlanta

7. Ambler Texaco Station - Dwight

8. Lauterbach Giant - Springfield

9. World's Largest Catsup Bottle - Collinsville

10. Amble's Texaco Station - Dwight

Brb, gonna go for a drive!