You don't have to be a literary expert to leave a review of a classic book on amazon or goodreads, but maybe try reading like two pages of the book first? These are the most hysterical and bizarre reviews of some of the most famous books out there. Let me know if one of y'all was the writer behind these disturbing gems!

1. This review gets points for taking the time to rhyme the hatred:

2. He really should be going by Willy nowadays:

3. Apparently "Catcher In The Rye" really dropped the ball on this reader:

4. Ever hate a book so much you want to physically attack it?

5. But why do you need to know this in the first place?!

6. Have this person read either one of those books??

7. The fly fandom does not approve:

8. This man owns a rabbit who could do better than "1984"??

9. This brave reviewer is saving us from certain death:

10. The publisher really should have given readers a supply of LSD:

11. Well I'm sure whoever wrote "Treasure Island" will keep this in mind for the sequel:

12. Define "crumby"??

13. I hope this reviewer feels like vengeance was theirs:

Which review was your favorite? How many of these books can you not stand? Tell us everything in the comments!