Everyone is the dating pool has a few requirements for their perfect match. Things like "must have a job" or "must like dogs" are pretty common. But this guy takes it to a new level with his ridiculously hilarious list of unrealistic and controlling requirements for his next girlfriend. It just screams red flags. I definitely see why this guy is single, and why he is going to stay that way.

There are a few requirements I would really like to highlight because they are just so baffling.

The first thing to draw attention to is this is his second version of requirements. What was the first list like? Was is better? Worse?

Most people have a wish list when it comes to physical features of their ideal partner. Most normal people categorize them as nice-to-have features instead of need-to-have requirements though.

Alright, number nine. "Must be between 18-40." That is a biiiiig range and it's giving off creepy vibes. I wish I knew how old this guy is.

Now, we are getting into the super controlling stuff. "Can not have guy friends", "I have to check her phone once a week", "I must be present when she hangs out with her girlfriends and no girls night out." Even if this guy had David Beckham's face mixed with Jason Mamoa's body mixed with Bill Gates's job and philanthropy no woman would agree to these criteria. And I'm going to take a wild guess and say this guy is no where close to any of those people.

Here are a few more cringe gems from guys who clearly have never had a proper relationship and probably never will.

I really just have one pressing question. What is the alternative to an "innie"? Isn't that how they all work? Does this man not know that?

So here we have a 40-year-old man who lives with his parents and doesn't know how to spell marijuana. Sounds like a real winner.

Talk about some trust issues. Unfortunately it seems like there is already a relationship here. Girl, run!!!

It's not one-sided, women can have completely unrealistic lists too.