There are a lot of people on this world, and only so many names, unless we want to get really creative, but that comes with its own issues. Most people don't really care if they share a name with a few hundred people. In fact, I find it cool when I come across my own name buddy. But not these people. These people think they are entitled to their own name, shared with no one. And their demands are hilarious!

The Clothing Brand Fiasco

This is starting off pretty innocent. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a weird ask, but she's throwing in some compliments to butter the person with her coveted username up.

I don't have a lot of experience in this department but I'm pretty sure actual companies offer wayyyy more than this for names. Why didn't she check if the name was available before she started the brand?

Her desperation finally gets a response! Definitely, not the one she wanted though.

Oh boy, there is a lot to unpack here. So she would rather go through legal drama than add something to the username to make it different or just choose a different name. This girl must not have used a lawyer before because honey, I don't know if those bills are going to be worth it.

"Women supporting women." eyeroll No need to drag all of womenkind into this. I'm glad OG username stood strong! Source

DJ Snider Spinning Tracks And Lies

I'm going to take a wild guess and say it actually is a problem and he won't understand.

Why do people think that if they ask politely they are automatically entitled to get whatever they want. That's not how it works. Source

The Birthname Clown

Is this person unaware of the fact that almost every person shares a name with at least one other person in the world. Do you know how many Sasha Carter's there are in the world? A lot, and I'm not complaining.

More people enter the group message now. Green name defends her partner's name, the one who the clown is harassing. I don't know who the blue name is but they are also defending the original Hummell stating facts that multiple people can have the same name. This really gets the clown riled up, and she starts claiming this is identity theft.

The clown brings one of her friends into the ring who also spews nonsense. Poor og Hummell. I hope they stood their ground and kept their name! Source