We all know and love Spotify for their expertly curated playlists, huge catalogs of podcasts, and having seemingly every song ever created available to listen to. But have you ever looked at your pet and wished they could get in on the auditory fun? Well fear not, for Spotify has created the perfect answer to your problems. According to Business Insider, Spotify recently debuted a feature where you can curate the perfect playlist designed for your pet specifically. They also feature podcasts for pets to enjoy while their owners are away.


After clicking the link, you can select your pet (the choices are cat, dog, iguana, hamster, or bird). Next, you choose form a list of options to describe your pet's traits. Finally, upload a photo of your pet and name the playlist after them! That's literally it! The playlists tend to consist of songs the owner already listens to frequently. In addition, songs with that type of pet in the name tend to show up as well. Once you input all the info, an adorable graphic is created, just for your pet. Here's a sample version below:

This isn't the only option for pets. Perhaps they find themselves looking for something more conversational? Spotify has that covered too. They have also created several types of podcasts specifically designed for pets. For example, the one designed for dogs consists of 10 total hours of content. It progresses ambient noises to calm discussion, as well as adding in some soothing music.

You may be wondering how and why Spotify designed all of this content. It actually comes from a detailed survey Spotify conducted with listeners and pet owners across several countries. Based on several key questions, they found that 69% of pet owners already sing to their pets and 1 in 5 pet owners will name their pet after a musician. The connection between pets and music is already there, so Spotify is simply capitalizing off of it.

We'll be following Spotify closely to see if any new additional pet-themed content is released. Maybe you cat will become really into true-crime podcasts? Or maybe your dog will develop super obscure taste in indie bands? Listeners can follow along on their own with the hashtag #spotifypets on Twitter and Instagram, so we can all get in on the odd yet wholesome online fun.

Would you make a playlist for your pooch? Let us know in the comments!

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