Nothing about breaking up is easy. One particularly difficult process is looking back on old photos of you and your ex. If only there was a way to enjoy your confident selfie without being reminded of that awful boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, now the answers to your cries of help have been answered!

Twitter user @hexappeal is doing all the broken hearts of the internet a HUGE service by offering to edit anyone's ex out of a photo for just $10 a pop! With her help, you can erase your awful ex out of your photos AND your life. She posted this bold yet effective photo set, accumulating hundreds of thousands likes and support.

@hexappeal received such a huge response that she had to raise her rates to $15. Based on her work people have posted so far, she should definitely be charging a lot more.

This is an all-powerful Twitter user. Through some expert Photoshop knowledge, she has brought relief, happiness, and peace to the single and bitter masses on Twitter. No photo is too challenging for her. No ex is too terrible for her to vanquish. In addition to posting the transformative photos, users also responded with hilarious ways to use these skills for good and evil.

No word yet on what this inspirational Twitter user will do next. Perhaps this will inspire her followers to get tech-savvy and "fix" their photos themselves. Perhaps the exes will see these online and get upset. Regardless, this is yet another wholesomely and rather empowering Twitter thread that brightened a lot of people's days. Hopefully @hexappeal is making it rain with that sweet, sweet commission money.

Have you ever gone to extreme measures to forget about an ex-lover? Let us know in the comments!

Couples Who Split After 20+ Years Of Marriage Share Their Stories Couples Who Split After 20+ Years Of Marriage Share Their Stories

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