From dad sneakers to cargo shorts, the '90s were filled with plenty of cringe-worthy fashion trends. Now, we're in a fashion era where it's cool to be uncool and the most embarrassing trends from two decades ago are making a comeback.

Bucket Hats

It doesn't matter if you love them or hate them, no one looks good in a bucket hat. No. One.

Dad Sneakers

Listen, just because my dad has been wearing these exact same sneakers since 1993, it doesn't mean you have to.

Cargo Pants

Few arguments have been more divisive than the debate between people love cargo pants and people who hate them. I've personally never been a fan, but they do win a couple points for all the extra pockets.

Zig Zag Headbands

This honestly isn't the worst look in the world, BUT by the time you actually manage to put this thing on without stabbing yourself in the eye, it has already put your hair in tangles.

Socks With Heels

All this time I thought wearing socks with heels or sandals was one of the biggest fashion crimes you could commit. Did I miss something?

What '90s fashion comebacks are making you cringe? Share in the comments!

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