While some people may make fun of vegans who talk too much about going vegan, most of them are usually pretty rational and wholesome. The huge exception to this is a Florida couple, whose extreme actions resulted in a devastating loss.

The New York Post writes that authorities were called to the household of Sheila (35) and Ryan (30) O'Leary, who had fed their 18-month-old son a diet of raw fruits and vegetables. Their four kids were already on a strict diet of mangoes, rambutans, bananas and avocados. Their baby hadn't been taking in solid food for a week, but they believed it was due to complications with teething. When their son became cold and stopped breathing, Ryan desperately tried to resuscitate him while Sheila called the police. However, it was no use. By the time the authorities arrived on the scene, the child had already passed away

Once the medical examiner determined that malnutrition was the cause of death, Ryan and Sheila turned themselves into the authorities. They have now been booked in the Lee County Jail. Their upcoming court date is scheduled for December 9th.

Hopefully, their other three kids have found suitable family members to stay with, and are being fed a much more enriching and easy-going diet. This horrible event will serve as a stark lesson to parents to be far more aware of what is needed to feed their children. A diet that may have somehow worked for two adults certainly won't work for children, and it especially shouldn't be enforced on a newborn infant.