From the White Claw versus Truly debate, and even the new additions of seltzers from Natural Lite and Four Loko, hard seltzers made a big splash this summer. With Summer 2019 coming to an end, you might think that means the end of hard seltzer season. However, the love is only getting started back up again.

Get ready to "Deck The (White) Claws" and get excited for the launch of The Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, made by Give Them Beer, a craft beer gift-basket company.

You might be thinking that 24 days of seltzer would be overwhelming, but not to worry, this "calendar" is split into twelve days. According to Give Them Beer, the calendar will include top selling labels like Truly, White Claw, Henry's, Cape & Lime, Bon & Viv, and even up and coming brands like Mighty Swell and Wild Basin. Each of the twelve cans are different flavors based on availability.

Though Give Them Beer would like the flavors to be a surprise, you can get a quick look on their website which reveals a little more information. In addition to the twelve cans of seltzer, you will also receive the holiday-themed decorated box and even can add personalized gift messaged.

Give Them Beer's Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar is going for $59 and will be available for delivery in November 2019. You must be 21 years or older to purchase and receive the delivery for this package, and must have valid identification to prove it. A signature is required to receive package. Although it doesn't often happen, Give Them Beer states on their delivery page that "if an adult with proof age is not available, the package will be returned after 3 delivery attempts."

Give Them Beer does not ship internationally and due to alcohol shipping regulations, they cannot ship to Alabama, Alaska, Kentucky, Hawaii, Mississippi and Utah.

If seltzer isn't your thing, not to worry! Give Them Beer also makes gift baskets and advent calendars with assorted beers, wine, and even jerky. Check out Give Them Beer's website for more information and to make your Seltzer Calendar purchase.

What your thoughts on the hard seltzer craze? Let us know in the comments!