People love to see a heartfelt marriage proposal, especially if it happens to someone they're especially close to. Though not everyone would have taken the route that this woman did, she helped make her sister's wedding proposal truly unforgettable.

According to Buzzfeed News, Therese Merkel and her sister Rachel were always close growing up, and that continued into adulthood. Rachel had mentioned to her longtime boyfriend, Andrew, that she wanted Therese to be a part of the proposal process. When Therese heard about this, she immediately began secretly scheming with Andrew.

The two of them discussed numerous ideas, but nothing quite clicked, until Andrew went ahead and ordered a ghillie suit for Therese.

A Ghillie suit is typically used by hunters to expertly blend into their environment. According to Andrew, Therese would use it to spy on her sister when Andrew popped the big question. After a month of further planning, Andrew staged the proposal at a gorgeous conservation site, complete with many of Rachel's favorite flowers all bundled together. Unbeknownst to Rachel, Therese was dressed up as a literal bush, collecting candid pics of the momentous occasion.

Therese was so well hidden that Andrew couldn't even see her in the foliage. When Andrew got down on one knee for Rachel, she immediately said yes. In the midst of the tears and the hugging, Therese made her move. She jumped out from the bushes shouting, "SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES!" startling the couple. Rachel and Andrew absolutely loved it. Therese supported her sister the best way that she could: cosplaying as a bush and completely catching her off-guard. Rachel and Andrew are now happily engaged, and Therese is right by their side to show her support, however she can. No word yet on what she and Andrew may have planned for the wedding, but there isn't much that could top this iconic engagement surprise.