Everyday, technology grows more and more advanced, making every aspect of one’s life more convenient and personalized. But with each new advancement, a hacker is always one step ahead. This time, the consequences could be fiery.

Introducing the world’s first "smart straightener" -- a Bluetooth-enabled hair straightener by U.K. hair tool brand Glamoriser.

Bluetooth has been a recent popular method of wirelessly connecting devices to one’s smartphone using short-range radio waves. Why would a hair straightener need Bluetooth, you may ask?

By downloading the Glamoriser app, you can set a specific heat range for your straightener and program it to automatically turn off after a specific period of time, just in case you forget to unplug it yourself. Sounds safe, right? However, because the device is so simple and has no password protection, a hacker within Bluetooth range can easily break into the straightener and crank up the heat.

Although they can’t make it hotter than the device’s pre-set heat range, hackers can change your personalized settings so that it goes to the highest temperature for the longest period of time possible. This is a serious hazard and can lead to burns and even fires if the device is left on and unattended for too long.

This isn’t the first time devices connected to your phone has caused problems. Ever heard of the popular home devices by Google, Nest? Earlier this year, several news sources published articles about an Illinois couple whose Nest security cameras and thermostat were hacked.

The stranger had cranked the home temperature up to a toasty 90 degrees and cursed at their baby through a security camera. Nest products, although more protected than the "smart straightener," also use Bluetooth.

Although no incidents have been reported yet, Glamoriser doesn’t seem to be making any changes to their product anytime soon, as the last app update was made during the summer of 2018. So maybe just don’t risk it and stick to your regular old-fashioned manual straightener and remember to unplug it.

What do you think? Would you buy a Bluetooth straightener or do you think it’s too risky? Let us know in the comments!

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