The pop star showed off her new manicure on Instagram.

It seems like Bitcoin is everywhere in the news now -- 50 Cent recently discovered he's made millions from the currency, its buying value recently plunged, and now it's being turned into a fashion statement by one of the world's biggest pop stars.

Earlier this week, pop star Katy Perry debuted her newly manicured "crypto claws" on her Instagram.

$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$

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The nails are inspired not only by Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Stellar. Each fingernail is covered in dollar bills with a circular, 3D cryptocurrency logo resting in the center -- the bitcoin "B" on a sparkling gold background, the Ethereum diamond on her thumbs, the Stellar rocket blasting off her pinkies, etc.

Fans were divided about the nails, and couldn't come to a consensus on whether Perry was rocking the crypto or whether it was just a hot mess.

"Crypto, but make it fashun" @kweenlaurenb tweeted.

"OMG Katy Perry is so savage... Crypto claws all the way baby!" tweeted @cryptabundantia.

"Katy Perry has $crypto fingernails. Logging onto exchanges to dumb everything. We're going to zero," Twitter user @fullbeerbottle posted.

Perry isn't the only celebrity cashing in on cryptocurrency culture. According to Business Insider, both socialite Paris Hilton and boxer Floyd Mayweather publicly promoted Initial Coin Offerings, more commonly known as ICOs.

But the debate rages on -- are Perry's nails hot or not?