So, Aldi Just Came Out With Some Delicious Looking Alcoholic Popsicles, But There's A Slight Problem

Yes, people, the news is true. Aldi has come out with their own boozy popsicles that will make for a delicious summer treat! But, only one country in the world gets the privilege of trying them out first, the United Kingdom.

Here's What Aldi Just Released

The alcohol content has the internet buzzing.

Prosecco & Peach Bellini Popsicle

Alcohol Content: The Prosecco & Peach Bellini Popsicle contains 4.5% alcohol, 38% Prosecco and 18% concentrated Peach Puree.

Gin & Tonic Popsicle

Alcohol Content: These [Gin & Tonic Popsicles][1] contain 11% Gin.

[1]: http://Gin & Tonic Popsicle

Some Of Those Lucky Brits Tried Them

If you want an honest review of how people in the UK are feeling about these cold treats, check out this couple's YouTube review video: MarkWattsVLG.

So, You Probably Can't Have Them Yet, But That Doesn't Matter...Because These Copycat Recipes Are WAY Better

No worries though, the rest of us will just have to make due and make our own alcoholic popsicles. Thankfully, there are some incredible and easy recipes online that EASILY beat out the originals to fill the void that Aldi has just placed in our hearts, plus some amazing bonus recipes below!

Aldi Gin and Tonic Popsicle Copycat


3 cups tonic

1½ oz gin

¼ lime, juiced

½ cup cucumber slices


Mix together tonic, gin, and lime juice.

Put cucumber slices into popsicle molds, and pour in the tonic mix.

Freeze overnight before serving.

Recipe retrieved from

Aldi Peach Bellini Popsicle Copycat


2 cups sliced peaches (fresh or thawed from frozen)

1 cup white wine

1/4 cup orange juice


Combine wine, peaches, and orange juice in a blender and process until smooth.

Pour the blended mixture into your popsicle molds and place in the freezer for about 1.5 hours uncovered without the sticks or popsicle mold tops.

Insert the wooden popsicle sticks after the pops have had time to set up a little, so you can place them directly in the center and they will stay upright. Allow to freeze 3-4 more hours.

Recipe retrieved from

Mango Margarita Popsicle (Video From Tipsy Bartender Below!)


4 cups chopped Mangos
2 1/2 oz (75 ml) Tequila
3 oz (90 ml) Agave
Pinch of Salt
3 oz (90 ml) Lime Juice
3 oz (90 ml) Mango Nectar
Sliced Raspberries
Lime Slices
Chili Powder
Popsicle Sticks
Dixie Cups


Chop up the mangoes, add them into the blender, and add in tequila. The add in the agave, salt, lime juice. Then use the mango nectar and blend away!

Grab some raspberries, cut them up, and add them into the dixie cups. Once the raspberries are added, pour in the mango blend, over them, in the dixie cup. Add in a few more raspberries.

Take the lime slices and stick a popsicle stick through them and rest them on the top of your filled dixie cup. Place in the freezer.

Once the popsicles are frozen, take them out and either rip or cut the dixie cup, to see the beautiful creation.

For a kick, add the chili powder to spice up these colorful popsicles and enjoy!


If you're wanting different flavor options, check out these delicious-sounding, boozy popsicle recipes:

Pomegranate & Champagne Sangria Popsicle

Triple-Layer Margarita Popsicle

Basil Mint Citrus Mojito Popsicles

Piña Colada Ice Popsicles

Strawberry Riesling Popsicles

(The Triple-Layer Margarita Popsicle looks so cute, for summer)!


So as we wait for Aldi to bless us with these popsicles, we will be making our own creations. There are some great recipes all over the Internet, that will be perfect for summer. The best part of making your own booze-pops is that YOU get to control how much you add to the mix!

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