Holo Hair Color Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Is the Internet taking the Unicorn-themed obsession a bit to far? The answer is YES!

Holographic hair is spreading like wild-fire.

This popular trend started off with the holographic nail color, then it seemed as if suddenly, everything was turning holographic: makeup looks, purses, phone cases, sunglasses, etc.

This trendy hair color basically consists of pastel shades mixed together with blonde shades, to create a blend of metallic colors, giving it that holographic effect.

????????? ????? of when creativity unites ...color: me style: @chitabeseau makeup: @leysahairandmakeup

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Where Did Holographic Hair Originate?

A salon in Washington called Ross Michael Salon, actually helped start the growth and inspiration of this magical and iridescent hair. The incredible master stylist, artistic director, and co-owner, named Melody, created the visionary hair color that has since changed the hair color world.

Melody is definitely an original and one-of-a-kind artist, who is not afraid to take risks and step outside of the boundaries.

See Melody's work featured on her Instagram, below!

How Do You Achieve Holographic Hair?

Prior to attempting the Holographic trend, it is recommended that your hair is a light blonde or gray color. This way, it will be easier for the color to stick to the hair. So if you have dark brown or black hair and you are excited to try this hair color out, you're going to have to take your time and go through hair color process, first.

Salon stylists love using Olaplex, which helps to prevent damage and works to repair hair. Olaplex is also used to lift the hair color and lighten it up. Stylists apply the Olaplex all over the hair. There is a technique that stylists use called hand-pressing. Hand-pressing is kind of like painting the hair strands in different sections of various colors. Using this technique allows for the stylist to have more control over how vibrant the color will appear. There are different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas, that the hairstylist will paint on with the hair dye. Then the stylist will put a section of the hair on the painted sheet of Plexiglas, ultimately transferring the colors of dye to the hair strands.

After a while, the hair will soak in the gorgeous colors and will then be washed, dried, and styled to achieve Holographic Hair Perfection!

Below is a step-by-step slideshow! Click through to see how the holographic hair is done!

The Holographic Process (Click On The Right Side Of The Instagram Below To See It All Unfold)

Where Do You Wear It Out?

Holographic hair looks best when it's styled; Whether the hair is curled or braided, anyone can rock the look. Sport this beautifully unique hair color this summer to a Katy Perry concert, a music festival like Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, and Lolla, or a beach party with your Instagram-obsessed best friends. Let's be real, if you try the Holographic Hair, you're going to Instagram it...

You know what? You could always just save it for Halloween and transform yourself into a magical fairy or mermaid... There! You now have two different Halloween costume ideas figured out, months in advance!

Check Out These Festival Ready Looks Below!

So, Is Hologram Just A Social Media Obsession, Or Long Term Trend?

It seems as if the 'Unicorn and Holographic' trends are always popping up on Instagram and Pinterest. So many people, who are addicted to the trend, are posting the most aesthetically-pleasing photos on their Instagram accounts. Does this make you curious as to what it would be like to try out the trend? Or do you refuse to buy into this crazy 2017 obsession?

Guess we will see how long this lasts and whether or not people will regret it, years down the road. But for now, let's just enjoy the beautiful, hair-envy photos that people keep flooding our newsfeeds with.

Here Are Some Of The Most Iconic Holographic Hair Photos EVER!

The Holographic hair photo that changed the world. This icy color is to die for!

The cute imprint in this bright holographic hair is perfect for festival season!

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Honestly, such a unique take on the Holographic Hair. The aesthetic in this is INCREDIBLE!

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