Your lip color can say a lot about you. Whether you're sassy or like living on the wild side, the color you choose shows off your personality in more ways than one!

Outdoorsy Coral
1. Outdoorsy Coral

Your choice of coral lipstick shows off your love for the outdoors. You could lay on the beach all day or hike through a dusty trail, as long as you're under the sunshine. There's no better way to spend your weekend than with family and the outdoors.

Dependable Taupe
2. Dependable Taupe

This color suggests that you are an orderly gal who others view as genuine and dependable. The subtle hint of color expresses your interest in being natural. Although you may not be as outgoing as others, you tend to find the good in everyone and that is one awesome trait to have. 

Bold Plum
3. Bold Plum

You love to be bold. You love setting yourself apart from the crowd with your unique sense of style. You're the go-to person for any question about music because your taste is by far the best. 

Cheerful Peach
4. Cheerful Peach

Many people find you cheerful and warm. Your radiance is constantly shining through the smile you're always wearing. You love helping others and find it rewarding to be able to spread warmth and cheer to people who really need it. 

Powerful Mauve
5. Powerful Mauve

This lip shade suggests a sense of power and luxury, but with a hint of mystery. You love the femininity a soft purple lipstick gives off, but love the sense of wonder you portray even more. You aren't afraid to take charge, in fact you secretly love it, and your sense of style reflects it. 

Sophisticated Merlot
6. Sophisticated Merlot

Your dark red lips show off your confidence, but in a more sophisticated way. You love days spent shopping at vintage stores and nights spent sipping martinis at the bar. Your dark red lips give off a sense of wonder and you love leaving people guessing about your next move. 

Sweet Nude
7. Sweet Nude

You don't like being the center of attention. You have a passion for bringing happiness to those around you and are often told you are the sweetest person they've ever met. Your hugs are infectious and you can't help but share the cutest baby or animal videos on Facebook.  

Loyal Violet
8. Loyal Violet

As a wearer of violet lipstick, you're very loyal and often the go-to person when one of your friends needs help. You're the mediator and the confidant because of your calm nature and ability to think rationally. These two qualities make you successful in your career as well.

Youthful Light Pink
9. Youthful Light Pink

Light pink shows just a little sassiness and youthfulness under the surface. You'd rather eat cereal and watch cartoons than those boring talk shows. Although, light pink may suggest some innocence, your light pink lips give off a sense of tenderness, self-worth, empathy and a high level of ambition.

Bubbly Hot Pink
10. Bubbly Hot Pink

If your go to lipstick shade is hot pink, then you're bound to be an outgoing, energetic and bubbly person who knows how to light up a room as soon as you walk in. Just like your bold choice in lipstick, you're not afraid to stand out and often make it a point to the be center of attention. 

Passionate Bright Red
11. Passionate Bright Red

Your bright red lips show off your confidence and unwillingness to be overlooked. You always go after what you want, whether that's an A on your science test, the hot boy you see every day at the gym, or the big promotion you know you deserve. You wear your emotions on your sleeve and are passionate with your moods, which is great, most of the time. 

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