Getting married is a joyous occasion where two people in love vow to spend the rest of their lives together --- apparently, these brides missed the "joyous" part!


"At a wedding I went to the bride replaced a bridesmaid of hers at the last minute because she dyed her hair a slightly lighter brown the night before. Apparently it didn't match the dress, which was bright pink."

"Her" Year

"I am currently in the throes of Bridezilla nightmare with my sister who is getting married in October. Here a just a few of things she has done: Told me over text that my younger sister and I were no longer allowed to be her bridesmaids because we weren't "enthusiastic" enough, referring to the fact that we have yet to buy her something from her outrageously expensive registry. Ex. tiny hand towels that are $60 each

Told my sister that she had to re dye the very thin purple streak she has going through her hair because she will "take away the attention that's supposed to be on me."

I'm bisexual, and was ordered to bring a "normal" date or none at all --- normal meaning a guy only. Came out to my family as bisexual a few months ago, and she told me to stop talking about it because this is "her year" and it's supposed to be all about her. The whole situation has put such a strain on our relationship that I don't know if it will recover."

"Friggin' Delicious"

"I work in an industry with a busy season such that you cannot get time off toward the end except in life or death situations. When my wife's sister let us know (3 months in advance) that she was getting married just after the busy season, I told her that I was glad it was then because if it had been even three days earlier I couldn't attend, due to the time it would take to travel the 900 miles to be there. The next day she called us and told us that they'd moved the wedding to two weeks earlier.

Well, I apologetically explained to her that I couldn't be there because it would literally be the end of my career. She didn't listen to a word I said and tried to guilt trip me into going. Despite them knowing I wouldn't attend in this situation even before they changed the date of the wedding, I would get phone calls every other day with either SIL or MIL yelling and screaming at me because I was going to ruin the wedding by not being there.

My wife went to the wedding. I ate a pizza. It was friggin' delicious."

"The Look She Shot Me Could Have..."

"I was a bridesmaid in this winter-themed wedding. We wore blue silk dresses with white fake fur capelets and MUFFS. At one point we were getting ready for the ceremony and the bride said, "Hey girl, let me see your muff."

I batted my eyelashes and joked, "I've waited so long to hear those words from you!" The look she shot me could have killed a moose. She started going off on me about not taking things seriously enough and maybe I should go hang out with the groomsmen instead if I was going to make lewd jokes.

Yeah. Maybe I should have."

"Something Just Snapped"

"My fiancée's best friend (who were each others maid of honors) of 20 years got engaged about two years before we did. It was only until after we announced our wedding date that she officially decided hers --- four months before our date. She has ordered that my fiancée grow her hair out (she normally has a very short cut, and feels very uncomfortable with long hair), has started pushing diets in my fiancée's direction (knowing full well she has body image issues and suffered eating disorders in the past) and has refused to talk about our wedding, changing the subject to hers at every chance.

She also wants a second wedding, about 6 months after the initial one, in Mexico. It will cost us about $3000 each, and we're just barely middle-class ourselves. We'd rather save that money and put it towards kids. When that was mentioned she got very passive-aggressive and said that we were too young (25) to have kids and it was a stupid idea.

She went wedding dress shopping without my fiancée, her maid of honor. She has thrown fits about how stressful and busy her wedding has made her and whenever fiancée brings up how we did X together, or finished Y ahead of time, she gets mad about how lazy and stupid her husband-to-be is and she has more to worry about because she's doing all the work herself.

Her parents are paying for most of her wedding (they have also bought her a house). We are paying for everything ourselves and are keeping the wedding under $10,000 and she has constantly called our wedding 'more of a big party really' because we're not doing frivolous things like Hummer Limos or $6,000 dresses. Did I mentioned we're lesbians? She's told us repeatedly that hers is the 'real wedding.'

And finally, she recently ducked out of Maid of Honor duties, claiming she'll just be too busy with her own wedding to handle the stress of Maid of Honor duties. But she still expects my fiancée to do it for her. She instead volunteered my fiancée's sister, who will have an infant by that time, to take charge. It's really weird because these girls have been friends for 20 years and before we got engaged I met her multiple times and she was always great. Then as soon as we started planning our wedding something snapped."


"I use to work for a tent company and we would set up for weddings. One in particular comes to mind....

It was 95 degrees out, middle of July, and we were all suffering. This was a large wedding, with a large tent, stage, dance floor, tables, chairs, plates, silverware, lights, etc.

We arrived at her parents house at 7am. She was all nice and calm, said that she would buy us all lunch (6 or 7 guys) at around noon to thank us for our hard work. She also said that she would bring us water since it was so hot out and we could tap into the keg when we were done. Great deal right?

Wrong. About noon we had gotten the tent up, the lighting done, the stage and dance floor partially set up. She came running out saying that we needed to move the tent 3 feet. Yes, we needed to move the 240' by 60' tent 3 feet. My initial response was, "are you kidding me?" She wasn't.

After talking it over with her we decided to move the tent (we had to, the customer is always right even when they say this is where I want the tent to go, we put it up and she changes her mind). We take it down, move the tent 3 feet and put it back up. It is now pushing 8 pm. Still no water, lunch or dinner. 10 pm rolls around and we are unloading tables. She comes storming out saying, "You are making too much noise!!! BE QUIET."

One guy I worked with asked, "Can we please get some water now, we drank all of the water that we brought"
She goes, "Umm.... The hose is around back, take some but not too much, water is expensive."

We never got a lunch, dinner or beer. This lady was a jerk. We worked from 7 am to 11 pm at her house (not to mention the 45ish minute drive to and from her house).

I never had a problem with working those type of hours if people tipped us, gave us food and thanked us. She didn't do anything."

The "Third Marrriage" Speaks For Itself

"My father is one of 8, and has four sisters. My grandfather, who worked hard all his life and has been retired and living on his pension for 20 years now, paid for the weddings of each of his girls. My aunt flipped out when he said he couldn't pay for her third marriage (to a guy she'd known for 6 months) if she wanted an island wedding.

He was cool with paying for a small wedding in their hometown, but that he simply couldn't afford to give her the all-inclusive "dream wedding" she wanted. By the way, she's divorced from millionaires and has plenty of cash, but feels her 90-year-old father should pay for a 300-person wedding in the Bahamas so she can afford a beach house.

He offered to fund a honey-moon to the Bahamas and a modest wedding at home. Mind you, she married in Hawaii the first time and honeymooned in Paris the second, he paid for both. Everyone else got married in the hometown church.

Anyway, she responded to that offer by calling him a stingy old jerk and saying that she was glad my grandmother died young, so she didn't have to see her husband become a "greedy bastard."

So finally, with the support of the rest of the family, my grandfather told her to buzz off and pay for her own wedding. This all went down about 5 years ago, and the aunt hasn't contacted anyone but my other aunt since.

Apparently she divorced the third husband and "retired," at the age of 45, to a condo in florida. She's living off the settlements from the divorces."

Quite Rude Is An Understatement!
Quite Rude Is An Understatement!

"My best friend, who is normally very sweet and quiet, was quite rude when she got married. First she told me when I would be having her bridal shower (set a date without consulting me in any way) at my house, and what I would be serving. I was in the middle of my honors year of my bachelor degree in another city (15 hour drive away), and she set the date for right in the middle of exams.

She also planned on making all sorts of things for her wedding to save money (aisle runner, center pieces, arch, veil etc.). I came into town the night before the wedding, and she says to me: "I didn't have time to get anything made, so I need you to do it." I stayed up all night sewing and arranging flowers while she slept.

It was in the middle of winter and when we arrived at the hall the floor hadn't been cleaned and was covered with salt stains. There was nothing to clean it with but a bucket and a cloth. So after staying up working all night, I had to clean a floor on my hands and knees. I was exhausted, sore and hated every minute of her wedding.

I didn't talk to her for months after that."

The Auntzilla
The Auntzilla

"My auntie was 38 when she got married, she was the eldest of two sisters (her sister was my mum; my mum got married when she was 22 to my dad) so she'd waited a long time for a guy to marry her (she'd been engaged three times before to three different men, each one had broken off the engagement).

My sister was one of her bridesmaids. During a practice at the church, my aunt shouted at my sister for walking out of time. My sister was only seven at the time and to have a seriously stressed bridezilla in her face because she didn't put her foot in the right place at the right time was terrifying.

She burst into tears and according to my mum, my aunt said, "Oh and NOW she's crying. Can you remind me how old you are?!" My mum was furious with her, my aunt is stubborn so for a few weeks my mum told my aunt to find a new bridesmaid. My aunt wouldn't budge until my grandmother eventually begged her to for the sake of the wedding.

Even now my sister isn't fond of my aunt. My aunt is still extremely stressy, she has a young daughter of her own now who she treats like a queen. If anything happens to her, she turns into the Hulk."

"Putting It Mildly"

"Bridezilla is putting it mildly. I once flew into a foreign country for this woman's wedding since I was a bridesmaid. The time I was there I witnessed her: shoving her daughter, starving and neglecting her pets, constantly fighting with her fiancé, trying to control what I ate, accused me of stealing from her since I took a Pepsi from the refrigerator after they said to make myself at home, freaking out the night before as we were setting up because everything was wrong, etc.

After the day had come and gone and I flew home, I get an email about a month later: "You really pissed everyone off! They all found you rude and lazy. My husband isn't calling you names he's only calling you out on how you are." I told her to have a nice life then blocked her from ever contacting me again.

Next thing I know, my family and friends are getting threatened and harassed, fake profiles were made with my name and photo, several message boards on Facebook have my name, number, and address up along with the biggest loads of crap for any random stranger to read."

"Your Hair Looks Beautiful, Honey"

"As a hairstylist, I've seen a few bridezillas. This one affected me directly. So mid week, a woman comes in and asks about updoes for a wedding that upcoming weekend. She told my boss that she wanted something "funky" done with her hair. My boss then booked this monster with me.

Saturday morning comes and she is in my chair and I get started. I am nearly finished and she starts complaining that she wanted more of a classic Audrey Hepburn style. Now I'm confused and it's too late to change now, plus my next client has arrived. This woman loses it. She says I wasn't listening to her and called her mother to come talk sense into me and was almost in tears wondering how she was going to explain her hair to her future in-laws.

Her mom shows and basically tells her that her hair looks beautiful, paid me and dragged her out of the salon. A total WTF experience for everyone."

She Wasn't Going To Go Anyways!
She Wasn't Going To Go Anyways!

"I was dating my cousin's best friend. My cousin and his now wife were getting married. I was a bridesmaid, my boyfriend at the time was the best man. Me and the boyfriend broke up. I got an email from the bride to be telling me I was no longer a bridesmaid. I said that's not a problem, I saw that coming, but as I was living 3000km away at the time, I politely explained that it was unlikely that I would make the trip out.

She lost her mind. She severed ties with me and told me that my family was no longer welcome to the wedding. To this day, my family does not speak with my cousin's family because of her.

"Only I Can Be Blonde!"

"This situation made me lose one of my good friends. My friend is getting married in October. We were friends for about 8 years. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and I happily obliged. Little did I know she was going to be big-headed ego bridezilla.

She demanded that everyone wear these hideous dresses that we had to pay for. I was okay with it since they didn't cost that much. She also demanded that all the girls dye their hair because she could be the ONLY blonde one there. I have naturally blonde hair and I'm not going to dye it for a day. She got pissed at me that I wouldn't dye my hair and replaced me with a girl that she's known for years but recently become friends with. They used to talk crap behind each others backs.

Next she had to nerve to ask everyone who wasn't in her bridal party to pay $80 per guest ($160 for me and my boyfriend) for food. She's having a buffet of BBQ. She also expected a present that was valued above $50. She sent all of this via Facebook. I sent her a message back and told her I would either pay for the food or a present and for her to choose. I got a hard copy invite recently and realized that the date was the same date my boyfriend is doing Tough Mudder competition. I chose that over her wedding."

6 Months?! No Thanks
6 Months?! No Thanks

My sister was was self-centered monster for about 6 months with her coup de gras being the wedding day. I know it was all nerves so I don't harbor any grudges, but ugh I wouldn't relive that day for all the money in the world.

My strongest memory is her holding a bag of her belongings and SCREAMING on the church steps:


Someone better take this out of my hands immediately!""

The Definition Of A Bridezilla
The Definition Of A Bridezilla

"My girlfriend's mother's wedding 2 years ago. Her future brother in law was missing for 2 weeks. He was supposed to be the best man but on a delivery he vanished and no one knew where he went. That morning, her future husband got a call that the police had found him. He had been shot 2 times and died in a ditch. The delivery truck full of packages was gone.

The husband was horrified and told the bride that he cant get married today. She slapped him and stormed out screaming that she cant believe that HE could be so selfish and that today wasn't just about him and his stupid brother. My girlfriend was just as mad ...

Me and the husband both left them that day and are good friends to this day."

Bros Before, Well, You Know
Bros Before, Well, You Know

"I have alopecia, I was my brother's best man and the hag walked up to me a month before the wedding was supposed to happen and told me I had to get laser hair removal. On my scalp. Because she didn't want my patches in the pictures (even if you shave it right down you can still see the roots). She wanted me to spend $3000, semi-permanently remove all hair (I was told 20 years) from my head and risk some serious scaring (scalp isn't very common so not a lot of people know how to do it) because she doesn't like the way my disease looks. Fuck you too! My brother broke it off a week before the wedding when he finally realized she was a crazy lady."

Bride's Day, Bride's Way!
Bride's Day, Bride's Way!

"I attended the wedding of a family friend's daughter, so I didn't really know her. It was a nighttime reception, so probably from 6pm-11 or 12, the ceremony immediately preceding. When we went into the reception, we were expecting a buffet or something to be set up, but there was nothing. Later we found out that there was no food for the 120 guests, but rather a cheese spread, fruit platter, and vegetables with dip.

After an hour, people were really hungry and some people started to leave because they were expecting to be fed and didn't want to stay. When the bride found out, she ran across the room in her dress and blocked the doors, screaming about how everyone is ruining her wedding and screaming "Bride's Day, Bride's Way!" It was such a scene that her father had to peel her off the door (don't know where the husband was, probably cowering) and people who didn't know her that well all left.

I heard through the grapevine that she was inconsolable the entire night, got trashed and threw up (hopefully on her dress, but not sure). Oh well, Bride's Day, Bride's Way!

"Needless To Say, She Didn't Attend"

"I knew a woman who was a bridesmaid in a relatives wedding. She was married and had been trying to get pregnant for a while. Finally, her and her hubby got lucky and she conceived.

The bridezilla got furious and kicked her out of the wedding because she would be pregnant in the pictures. 3 months later, sadly, the woman miscarried.

The bride called her with a response along the lines of "good, well now you can be back in the wedding."

Needless to say, she did not even attend it."

Something Tells Me They'll Be More Divorces
Something Tells Me They'll Be More Divorces

"I had a friend that threw a temper tantrum, complete with screaming and foot stomping, because her grandmother had the audacity to die a few hours before her wedding. She said it would throw off the seating arrangements, because now there would be a big empty space. She is currently half way through her 2nd divorce."

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