25 Hilarious Examples Of Complete NO-NO's At A Wedding 25 Hilarious Examples Of Complete NO-NO's At A Wedding

When it comes to the confusing acrobatics of applying makeup, a girl can use all the help she can get. To get desirable looks that are cleaner, last longer, and are sure to get noticed, there are a few really east tips girls can use.

1. Spooning
Use a plastic spoon to easily apply makeup to you bottom lashes without getting any on the skin beneath. The curved spoon fits perfectly against the curvature of a cheekbone — it’s almost as if it was made with this purpose in mind.
Blush and Face Type
2. Blush and Face Type
Before you apply blush, you should determine your face type. Blush does more than just adding color; it also contours and defines your cheekbones. Oval faces should apply a line of blush along the cheekbone while squarer faces should opt instead for a larger and circular application beneath the eyes.
A Bit of Scotch
3. A Bit of Scotch
Using Scotch tape as a stencil when applying eyeliner and shadow is a great way to ensure an even and balanced look. It’s especially useful when attempting more daring looks such as the “cat eye.”
Put the Bags Away
4. Put the Bags Away
Most will apply a layer of concealer to the entire under eye area in order to conceal under eye bags. The real way to disguise them is to highlight the crease and then apply a darker shade to the puffy area.
Dump the Clumps
5. Dump the Clumps
Eventually, every tube of mascara will dry out and fill with clumps. Pumping your wand into the tube will only cause it to dry out faster. Instead, add a drop or two of Visine (or any kind of eye drops) into the tube before you apply. It will soften the liquid and get rid of clumps.
Bigger Eyes
6. Bigger Eyes
In order to make your eyes appear bigger, you’ll need a white eyeliner pencil. Rather than lining your water line with black, use white to create the illusion of a larger eye.
Vibrant Eyeshadows
7. Vibrant Eyeshadows
If you’ve ever bought an exciting color of shadow and then found it to be dull once applied, you aren’t alone. The key to getting these colors to really pop is a white base. Use a white eyeliner to cover your eyelid before applying your colorful shadow.
Heated Curler
8. Heated Curler
Use a hair dryer on your lash curler for about 5 seconds before using it. This heat works the same way that it does with a curling iron — giving you curled lashes that will last all day.
Larger Lips
9. Larger Lips
If you want your lips to appear larger, try lining them just outside of your natural line. This application should be very slight, as going out too far will quickly become noticeable and clown-like.
Instant Eye Lift
10. Instant Eye Lift
For a quick and easy eye lifting illusion, simply draw an arch above your eyebrow with a highlighter and then blend it with your finger. This will make your eyebrow arch look raised and will give off the illusion that the entire eye area is lifted.
The 3-D Lip Effect
11. The 3-D Lip Effect
This tip is super simple but creates a stunning effect! Just apply a matte or satin lip color, and then use your finger to stamp a bit of frosted blush or eye shadow to the center of your bottom and top lip.
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