Look, in this day and age, we need any and all positive news we can find. Fortunately, celebrity power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were feeling the same way, so they took it upon themselves to organize and host a wedding. No, not their own. And not for any family or friends. It was actually for their daughter's stuffed animals.

According to Buzzfeed, the couple rented a beach house with their kids, and what better way to pass the time than to arrange a picturesque wedding for Chloe and Nosh, the two stuffed animals who were clearly meant to be. Chrissy and John's daughter, Luna, walked the happy couple down the aisle, Chrissy herself officiating this special occasion.

"Thank you for gathering here today, on this very special day. The sun is high, it's a beautiful day, well deserved in what has become 26 weeks of an incredible relationship," Teigen stated, the picturesque waves crashing behind her. Luna walked the happy couple down the aisle, while her little brother and father happily watched. Luna had to be reminded by her father to say "I do" for each of the stuff animals too.

Once Chloe and Nosh said the magic words, the family celebrated with a special musical guest, none other than John Legend himself. As per a request (most likely by Luna), he sang a slowed-down version of the Selena Gomez hit "Can't Keep My Hands To Myself" symbolizing the holy union between these two adorable animals. It was a truly gorgeous cover and perfect for the occasion.

Unfortunately, the happy couple did run into a little bit of a conflict soon after. Luna's younger brother Miles decided to walk over and play with the animals, disrupting the ceremony and prompting Luna to quickly course correct.

Teigen and Legend had one more step in mind to make this a ceremony to remember. They two two bottles of sand and merged them into one, symbolizing the merging of these two stuffed animals' lives and their devotion to each other. Luna looked like she wasn't very familiar with this procedure, but her parents were there to perform the task with her. And with that, the happy couple was officially married. It was a small, private ceremony, with only immediate family and assistants, but all who attended were mesmerized by the beauty of true love. They ended the celebration with cake and rejoicing.

For many families across the country, they are taking it one day at a time and trying to keep their young ones entertained and occupied. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had an excellent solution, with an exceptionally creative method of carrying it out. Their kids are sure to remember this family bonding event for a long time to come. While the video was initially recorded on her temporary Instagram Live feed, Teigen added it to her more permanent Instagram account, allowing millions of fans to enjoy this scene on their own time. Take a look for yourself at how this delightful scene played out below:

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