Everything was set for the luxurious 10-day cruise trip for Norma and Dave Trill. The happy couple was set to celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary watching the endless seascape of the Pacific Ocean from a warm and sunny pool deck. Unfortunately, their entire plan quickly feel apart amidst social distancing.

Insider first reported about the adorable couple who decided to take maters into their own hands. Because expert sources are encouraging people to stay at home, wash hands for at least 20 seconds, and to not gather in groups of more than 50 people, the Melbourne couple were at a loss for a solution. With some flexibility and quick thinking, they transformed their living room into a private oasis. Their daughter, Jane Trill, caught this wholesome response for all of Twitter to see, which you can check out below:

As you can see, the happy couple has their feet propped up in what looks like some extra fuzzy bath robes. A crystal clear video of a calm ocean front greets them, as they clink their fancy glasses together. It's adorable and relaxing and quite frankly, everyone should be doing this. You can also catch the extra toilet paper stocked by the TV, as there have been nation-wide shortages.

The video quickly went viral on Twitter, with many users enjoying such positivity in the face of bleak news reports. Multiple reporters from different outlets were also commenting, asking to repost such a wholesome video for even wider audiences.

No updates since the viral video on what the Trills are up to next, but they are sure to make the most out their time spent social distancing from others. In the meantime, people can also become familiar with tips on protecting oneself. Expert sources, such as the World Health Organization, are providing scientifically verified suggestions and updates on the current state of events. We here at Minq hope you can stay safe, stay comfortable at home, and wash your hands often.