Whoever gets to name hurricanes didn't realize how much influence they have. They decided to name the latest tropical storm hitting the Caribbean 'Karen,' not anticipating the onslaught of memes that flooded Twitter earlier. 

According to Bored Panda, Karen refers to the concept of the suburban mom who demands to speak to the manager and will not leave until she does so. If she has a petty issue with customer service, she will absolutely let them hear it. She tends to exhibit entitled behavior, much to the chagrin of those around her. While these people are not always named Karen, the name caught on and now the concepts are synonymous. 

Some of the resulting memes took on a surreal quality with their subject matter:

Other users on Twitter focused on the poor managers that would be caught in her tumultuous path:

While this hurricane has been downgraded from a storm of a depression, there still is the risk of flash flooding and mudslides. Hopefully those in the area will stay safe, and store managers can hide out from the suburban evil power walking up to the customer service area.

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