Picture this: it’s summer, it’s hot, and you want a nice pair of shorts. However, every pair at the store falls (literally) short of your expectations. You might not be as keen to show as much of your behind as these shorts reveal.

Lucky for you, once-shamed board and Bermuda shorts are coming back in style, much like the way mom jeans have. For once, it can be cool to wear pants to your knees.

Vogue issued an article on their website the other day detailing how this trend has been populating runways everywhere - and it looks like it’ll be big this upcoming fall season.

Brands like Coach and Chloé channel autumn vibes in plaid back-to-school colors, whereas Chanel throws-back all the way to the ‘80s with white shorts and a striped neon sweater.

Louis Vuitton has jumped on this trend as well, choosing to pair satin black Bermuda shorts with lacy, corset tops. Although you might not be caught dead with these over-the-top runway looks, celebrities have chosen more practical ways to style these longer pants.

Kendall Jenner; Gigi Hadid; Bella Hadid Vogue / Getty Images

So what do you think? Are you relieved to be able to buy longer shorts, or are short shorts more your style? Let us know in the comments below!

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