It's time to put the TWIST in your basic black liner routine! What is this Helix Eyeliner trend and how do you even do it?

What's So Great About Helix Eyeliner?

It's a TWIST to the basic black eyeliner, and it's been trending in the world of Instagram. One Instagram user, in particular, @glowawaymeg, has really inspired a lot of other Instagram makeup lovers to try the trend and create their own helix eyeliner looks.

Purple And Pink Helix Eyeliner

What Exactly Is The Helix Eyeliner Trend?

The entire idea of the makeup look is interesting, in the aspect that it creates an illusion that the makeup is three-dimensional. Many of them even look as though a tiny strand of DNA is hanging on the edge of winged eyeliner.

People all over Instagram have designed not only rainbow themed helixes, but also some holiday-themed creations. Helix Eyeliner really allows makeup enthusiasts and artists all over the world a chance to spice up their normal eye makeup.

Anyone Can Create This Look!

You don't have to be a world-renowned makeup artist, to try out this trend! It's said to be easier than winged liner...and we all know how difficult that is.

Follow our step-by-step process and check out the YouTube tutorial below!

Easy Helix Eyeliner Tutorial

YouTube Channel: Glam&Gore

How Do You Create This Look?

What You'll Need

If you want to try the trend, you will need any colored eyeliner products: gel/cream liners, colored eye pencils, colored liquid liners, water-activated paints, or cream paints. But just make sure that you have a solid black liner as the base, to start the process of the helix.

According to these Instagram makeup geniuses, the brands that carry the best color quality, include:

NYX, Colourpop, MakeupGeek,KatVonD, Tarte, Urban Decay and Jeffree Star.

The best style of liners you can use are ones that have a thinner tip, in order to create the sharp detail of the helix.

Also using a variety of colors, to give and ombre effect, is a fun way to make the liner pop a bit more.

*Steps To Follow *

Step 1: Prime the eyelids with any primer you have on hand. Create a long black, winged liner on the lids. Then choose any colored liner product that you prefer, that will be creating the Helix.

Step 2: Start the first color at the corner of your eye, connecting it to the outer edge.

Step 3: Bring the color up and away from the eye, so that it is more diagonal.

Step 4: Draw the S-shape 'squiggle' liner over the black eyeliner

Step 5: Taper out the edge of the last 'squiggle' and the color part is complete.

Step 6: To finish the helix, go back to the black liner (you used in the beginning) and go over the liner for every other time that the 'squiggle' crossed over the original black liner. This gives the illusion that the 'squiggle' is wrapping around the black winged liner.

To complete the look, apply mascara or false lashes if you desire. (The false lashes are highly recommended)!

Gold Glitter Helix Eyeliner --- Step by Step

How To Wear Helix

Helix Eyeliner makes any normal eye makeup become more vibrant and distinctive; So what better place to wear this trend, than summer festivals, concerts, or parties.

The fact that you can get incredibly creative with the colors and design, makes this look stand out and bring the attention, directly to the eyes. But if you're feeling like the helix trend is a little 'extra,' you can always tone it down with a darker color and save the brighter colors for another season. It would definitely be a conversation starter at any event!

But to be honest, most beauty lovers/makeup addicts won't care where they wear this look to...because this makeup is AWESOME!

Take A Look For Inspiration! Trending Helix Eyeliner Designs

Basic, Yet Edgy Helix Eyeliner

Feeling Bold? Step It Up With This Intricate Helix Eyeliner!

Will you be trying out this look this summer?

This makeup look adds a unique touch to the average winged liner, but do you think that the helix eyeliner trend will stick around for awhile? Maybe it will become just another Instagram fad...

But we can only hope that more people will be rockin' the trend all summer and possibly through the holidays...Only because the candy cane helix by @makeupbykara_ is so freakin' cool!

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