Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a cornerstone of wedding culture. They're a way for grooms and brides-to-be to blow off steam and celebrate the last days of their single life. Some people, however, take this celebration a little too far, which leads to the entire wedding being called off! It's almost enough to consider skipping this particular tradition all together!

Some survivors of disastrous pre-wedding celebrations were brave enough to share the tale to Reddit, which we have edited for clarity.

"At Least Four Other Cops tackled him within three seconds of him throwing the punch"

"I was at a bachelor party the Tuesday night before a Saturday wedding. After eight hours or so of heavy drinking, we were at a baseball game and the groom punched a police officer in the back of the head and knocked him out for a few seconds. I watched it happen in slow motion, and thought to myself, 'Welp, this wedding isn't going to be happening this weekend.'

At least four other cops tackled him within three seconds of him throwing the punch."

"They Left Him With $5 In Change For Phone Calls"

"My uncle's story from the '70s.

A buddy of my uncle was getting married the next day, so they went out for drinks somewhere. The guy got hammered. His friends bought him a one-way plane ticket to Wichita, Kansas from St. Louis, Missouri. They took his wallet and left him with $5 in change for phone calls.

Remember, this was the days before ATMs, Electronic Credit Cards, and cell phones. If you used a credit card, they had to have the carbon, and you couldn't just get a ticket home over the phone.

So, the guy woke up the next day in Kansas. The wedding was off. The bride was furious."

Outed By The Apple ID
Outed By The Apple ID

"At a bachelor party in Vegas, the groom hooked up with a girl and gave her his cell phone number so they could continue the party that night. Bride-to-be was sitting at home with the iPad, getting all of the iMessages from the girl.

She canceled the wedding that day."

This Is Some Soap Opera Level Stuff, Right Here
This Is Some Soap Opera Level Stuff, Right Here

"A week before his wedding, my friend 'Bob' caught his fiancée doing it with his dad, 'Bob Sr.' The next day, in a fit of rage, he trashed their room and, in the process found explicit love letters between his recently married best friend (and best man), 'Steve,' in her underwear drawer. The letters were explicit enough that it was obvious that Bob's fiancée and Steve had been doing it within the previous week.

The wedding was cancelled. Whenever I ran into him at a bar I made sure he never had to buy his own drinks."

"You Better Delete That!"

"My old girlfriend was at a bachelorette party at a seedy club with male dancers. She came home from the party and said, 'Well, the wedding is off.'

The bride was getting the usual treatment, sitting in a chair with exotic dancers gyrating around her, whipping dongs around, and then one put whipped cream on his private parts and invited her to lick it off... which she did, enthusiastically. About this moment, the bride kind of came to her senses, looked around and saw like 20 of her friends pointing cell phones at her, recording and taking photos, and started freaking out.

My girlfriend said she started screaming at everyone, 'You better delete that!' and generally having a full rage meltdown, which was apparently tough to take seriously, considering what just happened.

This tale of modern romance closes very shortly later with the bride's phone ringing with a call from her fiancé, who had already received photos (from her 'friends') of his bride-to-be with someone else's private parts stuffed in her mouth."

"Did I Participate In The Destruction Of Two Relationships, Or...?"

"I'm a musician. I work on a street infamous for inebriated revelry and debauchery. One night, a bachelor party came in around the same time as another, unrelated bachelorette party. The show I work with does special things like funny songs for special events, so I brought the bride and groom both up at the same time to do something special. In the middle of this, on stage, they started making out. And they did. Not. Stop. I finished my routine as best I could and got them offstage.

Later, as I looked around the audience, my eye caught them again. They were in the back corner just going at it, while their respective parties hung out up near the front of the stage. They are really getting into it - hands down pants and up skirts. At some point they disappeared. I took a break and headed to the restroom. It was locked. I heard a woman screaming from within. Not moaning, not sighing. Screaming. I sit in the lounge area outside the bathroom for about 10 minutes. The bride and groom came out, looking a bit disheveled, but not too bad. They saw me, and immediately wanted to chat. There was, curiously, no guilt on them at all. I had to pee like a race horse, but this was too good to pass up.

I came to find out that they both were getting married to other people, but knew each other from having lived in the same small town of about 5,000 all their lives. They ran into each other for the first time since high school graduation at our bar. Old feelings emerged that neither had ever attempted to act on. They did not stay long and as they left, I heard the groom say, 'I have my own room. Let's go there.'

The rest of the party stayed until the show was over, partying hard and having fun. They were possibly the best bachelor and bachelorette parties I've had. Usually bachelor parties get too wasted and bachelorette parties devolve into crying fits and arguments.

Anywho, I ended up seeing the bachelor and bachelorette together at our bar and out in the street every night for the next four nights, always holding hands and/or getting frisky. They came back a little over a year later. They got married here in our town to each other instead of who they were engaged to. Most of their respective bachelor/bachelorette show up for the event. With this story, I always feel torn. Did I participate in the destruction of two relationships, or did I facilitate the meeting of two soulmates?"

"A Recipe For Disaster"

"I had a very good friend in high school (a girl) who was getting married. The couple had their bachelor and bachelorette parties on the same night. They got back to their hotel room and got into a huge argument. He beat the crap out of her so bad.

He thought he had killed her and went and drove his car into concrete road divider at 130 mph to kill himself. It was crazy, since I was at both parties during the night. She was really argumentative when drinking and he was kinda crazy. I guess a recipe for disaster. I found out later there was a history of both of them beating each other.

She's doing OK now, this was 10 years ago. She's married with two kids and I'm still friends with her...She actually openly talks about it when asked."

"I Was Totally In The Dark About The Situation"

"An exotic dancer came to my buddy Jack's bachelor party and proceeded to put some protection on a adult toy and used it on herself in front of the crowd. It was awesome. At the end of the night, Jack, the groom-to-be, was cleaning up a bit and put the wrapper in his pocket absentmindedly.

The next day, his fiancée, Kristen, was doing laundry, found the wrapper, and freaked out thinking that he had cheated on her. Jack tried to reassure her and explained the situation: that the dancer had used it on herself. Kristen is a really cool lady and took it pretty well and calmed down... but she couldn't quite shake the feeling. So, Jack told her to call me to confirm what happened.

Kristen called and asked, 'So what happened last night?'

Mind you, I was totally in the dark about the situation, and Jack and I had never discussed what we are supposed to tell Kristen, so I totally downplayed it: 'Not much. The boys just had a few drinks and smoked some stogies.'

I heard, 'YOU LYING PIECE OF CRAP!' Click.


"The Next Morning, We Discovered We'd Lost More Than Money At The Club"

"A few years back, one of my older brothers was getting married. In our family, it is tradition to have one of the older members serve as ring bearer. My brother chose our Uncle Steve. He was 'that' uncle for us, if you know what I mean. The one that every family seems to have. The one who makes inappropriate jokes and drinks a bit too much at family functions and gets banned from Canada for trading counterfeit maple syrup. Despite all that, my brother chose him anyway.

So, the day of the bachelor party arrived. My brother had invited all his friends, plus all the male members of our family. Things were going pretty well at first. We did your typical bachelor party stuff - played some mini golf, hit up Ben and Jerry's, went to matinee showing of What To Expect When You're Expecting, etc. The party was going smoothly.

Things took a turn when Steve, having appointed himself Master of Ceremonies and Day Drinking when the party kicked off, suggested we go to a place called The Pink Lady. It turned out to be a gentleman's club, one located in the woods several miles down a dirt road away from the city.

My brother's mouth dropped open when we walked in. The place was absolutely filthy. I felt like I needed a tetanus shot just from breathing the air. It smelled like the Hudson River during low tide. Tattooed, brawny biker gang types, appearing to be fresh from a lengthy incarceration, littered the bar area. They were the type of people you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. And that was just the dancers. Still, no one wanted to be a Negative Nancy, so we all gritted our teeth and tried to make the most of it.

Not ten minutes in, Steve started ordering shots, because that's who he is. Shots led to lap dances. We had to take a cab back to home. There, we decided to forego outdoor grilling under the moonlight that had been planned and instead passed out, our stomachs as empty as our wallets.

The next morning, we discovered that we'd lost more than money at the club. Steve had managed to lose my brother's wedding ring, as well. Why he thought it would be a good idea to bring it in the first place, I'll never know. Fortunately, he at least had a notion of just how he misplaced the thing.

Steve, my brother, and I went back to The Pink Lady to retrieve it later that day. Had to slip the owner $50 just so we could examine the dancers who'd been there the previous day. By 'examine,' I mean Steve looked at their private parts. You see, he has a thing for inserting various objects into the backsides of exotic dancers. Since he's such a good tipper, they usually don't mind. Problem is, he goes too deep on occasion, so it's not uncommon for the dancer to not be able to retrieve whatever Steve put up there until a day or two later.

Anyway, he's looking at all those private parts, really eyeballing them closely, even smelling some, and notices one of them is a sort of blueish-green algae color. Now, anyone who knows anything about private parts knows the healthy ones are supposed to have a rusty, purple hue. It was at when point that Steve remembered how cheap my brother can be. Naturally, he wouldn't buy a 24k gold ring. Best he'd go for would be 12k. And that kind of ring is just the type that would turn a brown eye blue.

Steve went to work on removing the ring from that dancer. After fifteen minutes of poking and prodding, the dancer let forth a deep, guttural ripper. The ring shot out of her at an incredible rate of speed.

After leaving the club, my brother and I decided it would be a bad idea to let anyone know about the ring's misadventures. We got together and told Steve not to say anything, ever, about what went down at the bachelor party. He seemed to have gotten the message. Or so we thought...

At the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding was to take place, Steve got wasted on sangria and let slip the strange journey of the ring that was supposed to grace his nephew's fiancé's finger the rest of her life. The bride-to-be was livid. By the end of the night, everyone was whispering 'There's not going to be a wedding.' Sure enough, the guests were called the next morning and told not to come. I, at least, got to return the blender that was supposed to be their wedding gift and buy a nice ottoman with the money instead, so things worked out pretty well for me. It worked out for my brother, too. He got married a couple years later to a nice young lady who wasn't squeamish regarding matters of the fart."

"What Happens In Vegas..."

"At one of my prior workplaces, a young lady in her early 20s was engaged to be married with her long time boyfriend. She and a group of close friends went to Vegas for a weekend and when she came back to work, she told everyone she decided to call off the engagement because he wasn't the right one for her.

On the side, she was also telling a few close co-workers about the well endowed stranger she'd boinked (a few times) and enjoyed oh so much while in Vegas.

At least she had the decency to call the engagement off."

"The Bride Was A US Citizen And The Groom Was A British Citizen"

"I know of a wedding in which the bride was a US citizen and the groom was a British citizen. They met originally in England when she went overseas to study at the university. The bride's family lived in Detroit, Michigan, so the wedding was to be there. The night before the wedding, the bride's brothers and family friends took the groom across the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Canada, because the clubs are better and nicer. Everyone had a great time - did not get too wasted, no fights, no cheating.

But, as they returned to the US side of the river, US Immigration officials could not let the groom enter. He had a one time entry visa on his passport. Upon exiting the US, his visa was used up. He had to return to England. The bride was angry at the brothers, but the wedding was delayed. They married in England with only her parents attending a month or so later."

"She Found Out Where The Bachelor Party Was And Wandered In To Find..."

"A college friend was to get married to a guy she had only known for four months. She found out where the bachelor party was and wandered in to find the groom receiving some pleasure... from the best man."

"His 'Friend' Worried That He Would Puke In His New Pickup Truck"

"My friend's fiancé went out for his bachelor party and got massively wasted. His 'friend' worried that he would puke in his new pickup truck, so they threw him in the truck bed to take him home. The fiancé woke up going around 65 mph on the freeway and tried to stand up. If the trauma of falling out of the moving truck at that speed did not kill him, the several cars that ran him over before people knew there was a problem did."

"We Had The Groom And Best Man Looking Like Casper The Friendly Ghost"

"The night before the wedding, the rehearsal dinner was at a distillery. Everyone got hammered. I mean everyone (even the grandparents) were all extremely inebriated. The groom's dad was so wasted that when he tried to give his speech to the couple-to-be, he could not even talk, nor stand up. After the rehearsal dinner, the whole wedding party decided it was a good idea to go out drinking some more at some karaoke bar.

At the bar, the the groom's little sister, who was in high school at the time, randomly decided to get on stage to try her hand at karaoke, whilst hammered. However, instead of singing a song, she just started talking about how she wanted to make it with all the groomsmen. Promptly, her family ripped her off stage and took her home. Later in the night, everyone was having a great time, but then the bride, wasted, told the groom that she was not sure if she loved him anymore. The groom became enraged and left the bar, attempting to walk (stumble) back to his hotel, which wasn't anywhere near the bar. The groom's brother ran after him trying to calm him down and the groom ended up getting into a huge fist fight with his brother... and best man.

The next day, the groom and best man looked like they had both been hit by a truck. For some reason, the wedding was still on. The groom's mother decided the only way to fix things was by trying to cover the wounds with makeup. So now, we had the groom and best man looking like Casper the friendly ghost up on the alter, and then in walked the bride... wasted off her rear end. They ended up both saying 'I do' but, weeks later, as expected, they get divorced.

It turned out that, before the wedding while the groom was on his bachelor party weekend, they met a bunch of girls who were going to the same place for a bachelorette party. The groom hooked up with one of the girls he met. Long story short, now he is married to the girl who he cheated on his ex-fiancée/wife with and has been for the past seven years. It is always funny to think back on how much of a failure that wedding was."

With Friends Like These, You Should Get Some New Friends
With Friends Like These, You Should Get Some New Friends

"My neighbor's friends (or should I say 'jealous harpy frenemies') convinced her to cheat on the husband-to-be at the bachelorette party. Her friends were very inebriated and SnapChatted evidence to him as 'a joke.' Obviously, he didn't take it that well and left her. He packed up all his things in their apartment and drove to his parents instead of getting married. The bride apparently didn't leave her room for about three weeks, totally distraught with how her relationship fell apart.

Six months later, the two started talking again. Not sure if they are trying to make things work..."


"He Spent What Was Supposed To Be His Wedding Day In Tubes"

"Bachelor party group was drinking heavily. In the middle of the night, they got this great idea to try drive up skiing slopes during summer time. The slopes were very steep and their car came down rolling for 80 meters down the slopes. The groom got taken to the hospital by helicopter and spent what was supposed to be his wedding day in tubes."

"We Glanced Up And Could Not Find Fuentes... Or The Bride"

"My buddy Fuentes and I decided to go drinking in the middle of this set of clubs in Kansas City, Missouri. This bachelorette party walked in. After about 30 minutes of watching them, Fuentes saw this one girl sitting on the side, so he went and flirted with her for a while.

It turned out she was the groom's BFF, Sarah, and did not want him to get married. She said she was only there to prove that the bride-to-be was a loose woman. She paid Fuentes, like, $200 and asked him to flirt with the chick. Sarah came and sits next to me as we watched him go try and hook up.

We talked on and off for a little less than an hour about small things - weather, the bride, about us being military, etc. Then, we glanced up and could not find Fuentes... or the bride. We walked around the multiple bars looking for them and nothing... I get a text saying, 'Parking lot. Row H.'

We headed down there and found the bride-to-be getting it on with Fuentes and some dude from the club. Sarah snapped a few photos, maybe a video, too. We waited for the guys to finish, then we walked out. Sarah shouted out the girl's name and she looked up at us with that, 'OH NO' look. Sarah snapped the final picture and sent it to the groom."

"The Groom Walked In On The Bride Riding A Candy Corn-colored Horn"

"I'm a part-time wedding planner. I have a few stories:

The bachelor party and the bachelorette party were being held in the same hotel in New Orleans. I tried to get them to do separate venues but nooooo. The group discount would cover an extra day in Carmel. They began at 8 pm and collided at about 3 am. It was some kind of inebriated fist fight/group lovemaking session and everyone was so ashamed the next morning, they called it off. Good news: they made up six months later and got married. They picked something simple, like their backyard, this time.

Here's a weird one: the bachelorette party turned out to be Homestuck (a popular webcomic) themed, complete with Homestuck male exotic dancers. I used to work for a vendor on the convention circuit. There's a group of guys I know who will do cosplay striptease for pretty much any fandom. It got weird and the groom walked in on the bride riding a candy corn-colored horn. The groom noped the heck out.

The best one: so, the couple had been sleeping together for a few years. She got pregnant and decided to get married. Months of planning went by and she began to show. The bride's parents wigged right the heck out, called her loose, and forbade her from getting married. I usually avoid speculation on a sensitive topic, but these folks were imbeciles enough. I think they wanted to take her out of state 'on vacation' and force her to have an abortion. They were very big on keeping up appearances and having a wedding where their daughter was showing would have been unthinkable. They cancelled the wedding, stole her parents' car to elope, and torched the garage on their way out. It was magnificent. I did not get paid."

"I Hated Him, Didn't Trust Him..."

"At my best friend's bachelor party a few years ago, he had dated his fiancée for six or seven years at that point. She made a male friend at work who became a groomsman. I hated him, didn't trust him, and told my buddy that.

The night of the party, after a huge amount of drinks, the groom broke down crying, left, and walked home. He didn't say anything to anyone, just left. I found out the next day that the bride-to-be had been sleeping with the groomsman for months and they were trying to work through it. He couldn't get past it and cancelled the wedding."

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