Valerie Sagun is an avid yogi from San Jose, California. She practices hatha yoga, which is a set of physical exercises designed to align your skin, muscles and bones. Sagun's been practicing for over four years and has recently taken over Instagram as Big Gal Yoga. What started out as a fun Tumblr account quickly grew to a popular Instagram account with 60,000 followers 

Sagun isn't just an Instagramer with a large following though. She exudes confidence and it's down right contagious. Since she battles with anxiety and depression, Sagun uses yoga as a way to find peace and focus on her mind and positive thinking. She is currently working towards becoming a yoga instructor because she loves it that much! Sagun fully believes that anyone who is interested in yoga should be allowed to practice it without fear of being ridiculed. You go girl!

This girl can really do it all!

She loves using props like the yoga wheel for stabilization and to really work certain muscles.