10 Ways To Reinvent Your Little Black Dress

  • 10 Ways To Reinvent Your Little Black Dress

    10 Ways To Reinvent Your Little Black Dress

    Like a blank canvas to an artist, the little black dress is a blank slate upon which every girl has the stylistic freedom to make in their own image. The staple can be elegant, edgy, sulty, or any other number of looks based on how you decide to wear it.

  • Accessories


    The little black dress is the perfect outfit for your most attention-grabbing accessories. With nothing to conflict with or detract from, you can be sure that your chunky jewelry or colorful shoes and handbags will pop.
  • Polka-Dot Tights

    Polka-Dot Tights

    A pair of creative tights is a funky and fun addition to the little black dress. Whether the dress is sleek or frilly, polka-dot tights are sure to kick up its volume.
  • Big Hair

    Big Hair

    Instead of opting for accessories, you can glam up your little black dress by pumping up your hairdo. Try a sculpted volume ‘do to wow onlookers while still looking elegant.
  • Animal Print

    Animal Print

    The little black dress can go from sophisticated to edgy and cool in seconds flat with some added animal print. Some leopard-print shoes or a jacket will give your ladylike look a rocker edge.
  • Tailored Jacket

    Tailored Jacket

    Throwing a tailored jacket over your little black dress makes for the perfect day-to-evening look. Plus, a nice jacket will always beat outa simple pashmina or cardigan.
  • Bling


    Including your glitziest jewelry with your little black dress look is a perfect pairing. The eye-catching accessories ensure that nobody will even notice if you’re wearing the same dress a few weekends in a row!
  • Necklaces


    Experiment with some necklaces that you were too afraid to try out on other outfits. Particularly, super-long necklaces look great with a little black dress and they make you look long and lean as well.
  • Faux Fur

    Faux Fur

    A faux fur jacket or stole can turn your simple little black dress into an ultra chic fashion statement. The pairing works even better if the dress is leather or pleather.
  • Brooches or Pins

    Brooches or Pins

    Sticking a colorful or glitzy bauble onto your little black dress is a great way to give you a totally new outfit. Plus, it’s an awesome way to express your unique sense of style.
  • Sexy Red Shoes

    Sexy Red Shoes

    The little black dress and sexy red heels are a match made in fashion heaven. The look may seem simple, but it has a proven wow factor that will keep people talking long after you’ve left the party.
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