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You know how there is such a thing in life like makeup artistry as a career, and also as a hobby?

There are a lot of petty people out there who do not understand what makeup means to a lot of people, and instead show what appears to be ignorant judgment.

Some even have the guts to say it in public, in front of the person. Kerry Whittaker is one of these women, and her story draws makeup shaming to attention.

Kerry Whittaker Has A Passion For Makeup Everywhere She Goes

Kerry is a working woman who lives in the U.K. She has a passion for makeup and has her own Facebook Page, MakeupbyKerryWhittaker, where she shares that she is a Level 2 Qualified makeup artist. To go along with that, she also has an Instagram account, called @kerrywhittakermakeup, where she posts her own makeup looks, and other makeup looks done on her clients.

Besides her makeup work, she also works at a British Supermarket, called ASDA. In an unfortunate moment, her passion collided with her workplace, where she was openly shamed by a customer. Here's how it went down:

She Went To Work Sporting One Of Her Best Looks

Kerry clearly rocked glittery eyeshadow and full face of makeup. However, some people out there did not appreciate her artistic work and felt the need to judge her makeup.

Then This Happened

In the first part of a Facebook post she made after the event, she explained that she was shamed. A rude woman came into the ASDA supermarket, with her 14-year-old daughter.

We guess the mother wanted to be 'Mom of the Year,' by gossiping about the makeup look Kerry was wearing that day to her daughter.

Meanwhile, Kerry did nothing but be herself. And she didn't let anyone make any excuses.

So She Shut It Down, Her Way

The irony in her story is that usually, you hear about online bullies or trolls that leave rude comments about people because it's easier to hide behind a computer screen. But in this case, the 'bullies' were real-life people and they actually said these words in front of her face.

Kerry's post took off, and people agreed with her feeling. As it gained more attention, Facebook suddenly took action of its own.

Banned From Facebook

Facebook put a ban on her Facebook account, along with her post, with no notice.

A few days later, her account was reinstated. In response, Kerry posted this photo with the caption: "Ohhhhhh the ban has been lifted and I'm still smiling ????????????."

Clearly, a lot went down in response to a problem that somehow still exists in the world. But, for all of those who tried to shut her down, Kerry's response has started a tidal wave of positivity.

Kerry's Response Is Really Making A Change!

It is very apparent that Kerry has invigorated the movement on the Internet for Women's Empowerment. If anything, the judgmental mother motivated her to keep on doing her beautiful makeup looks and to continue spreading the 'Self-Love' message.

Now that Kerry has her account back, we can't wait to see what else she posts!

After that initial Facebook post, she has received many reactions has continued the fight against makeup shaming online.

Twitter Users Are Finding Makeup-Shaming Quite Petty...

Some Twitter users are defending their stances towards makeup and how it's useless to even makeup-shame in the first place.

Lesson Learned...

This event shows how extremely arrogant it is to shame people for how they choose to look --- especially about someone who is causing zero harm to others. Makeup is such a universal form of self-expression and art, that it should be looked at more as a talent than as an issue.

If you've ever been in any customer service job, you know that it's not the best idea to lash out towards the customers. Kerry did the right thing by biting her tongue in person, and used her story to educate others, share her valid points and ultimately shut down the power makeup shaming can have on others, "The last thing we need to be doing to each other as humans, is judging people based on looks."

Preach, Girl!

And guess what? People can actually make a career out of makeup. Just look at some Beauty Youtubers, out there, such as Patrick Starr, Kandee Johnson, and MakeupGeek. These people are just some of the few, that were extremely talented at makeup and that talent, allowed their passion to turn into incredibly successful careers!

So ,the next time you see a stranger who has anything from a smokey-eye to galaxy freckles, compliment them, and don't be so quick to judge!

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