Maybe you haven't read the massive tome Infinite Jest yet, but you've definitely come across a pretentious man who won't shut up about it. Well, one comedian decided that the best way to absorb the story was to literally absorb it! The A.V. Club reports how Jamie Loftus uploaded daily vlogs of her tearing out a page and eating it. This could be balled up and chewed on. It could also be added into a sandwich. Perhaps she wanted some condiments on it? Take a look at one of her videos down below:

Loftus made the hashtag #eatfinitejest official in case you wanted to check out all of her journey for yourself! Why does she do this? Why not! Regardless of how the book actually, people get so annoying bragging about finishing it, so why not make fun of it i the weirdest way possible! Honestly, with how long quarantine has lasted, I'm surprised I haven't started eating some of my books. I feel like those deckled edges would be particularly yummy.