Hot and literate? Yes please! I need to share my favorite Instagram page, Hot Dudes Reading. The title is fairly self-explanatory, but it captures hot dudes of New York in their natural habitat: wandering the city with their noses in a book. These are some of my most favorite photos from this delightful source. I hope you find inspiration in all of these hot dudes!

1. This man makes me want to believe:

2. I will gladly wear this man's ring:

3. This man makes me want to finally watch 'Arrested Development':

4. These dudes should be the new spokesmen for bookstores everywhere:

5. This man could easily convince me to go to medical school if I could take classes with him:

6. This guy folds his book cover, but I'm not even mad about it:

7. This man has excellent taste in YA fiction:

8. I will graciously save this man from being single:

9. This man knows the best way to exercise:

10. These men clearly did not skip leg day:

11. I bet this fella knows all the best coffee shops in town:

12. Thank you to this man for his service, and his good looks:

13. Quality hats and books? Sign me up!

14. It's written in the stars that this is the man for me:

15. Between you and me, this man seems flawless:

16. I want to travel the world with this man:

17. And finally, I definitely want this love language expert to tell e everything he knows: