When forced to stay home and miss your dream vacation, sometimes the only option is to make viral twitter videos. Maybe that was the thought process of Jess Siswick, who brought the magic of Disney World into her very own apartment.

According to Insider, Siswick had been planning a combination of work conference and Disney vacation for several months now. Unfortunately, Disney World temporarily shut down to help prevent the further contamination, which would have undoubtedly hit the park in a major way. As of now, Disney has shut down all of its theme parks, with Disney World being the latest in a long line of dominos falling down. According to its website, this particular theme park and resort plans to reopen sometime after March 31st, but with the current state of things, there's no telling when hat sometime will specifically be.

According to Siswick, "My best friend was gonna fly in and we were gonna have this amazing weekend, and I had to cancel. So I thought to myself, 'How can I still be part of this work conference?' And I started making these videos."

With all of her plans completely ruined, Siswick resorted to a couple of tried and true methods of coping: comedy and the internet.

Using objects she already had around her apartment, Siswick leapt into action. She recreated her favorite Disney World experiences, and the results truly speak for themselves. Checkout this video below of an all-too familiar experience for those still dreaming of the classic Magic Kingdom:

All it takes is a split second for viewers to recognize the spinning tea cups, "It's A Small World", and the colorful entry point to the entire kingdom. Thankfully for all of us, Siswick certainly didn't limit herself to one video. She recreated her favorite moments from a wide variety of popular rides, including the recent Star Wars park and Soarin'.

People adore this wholesome content in light of such harrowing news. Siswick's videos take us back to the time we went to Disney World and how much pure fun it entailed. And for those who haven't been, it's a way to learn more about what makes this resort so amazingly enchanting.

The response to her videos online have been overwhelmingly positive. Siswick has inspired legions of fans, including some very young ones, to recreate their favorite Disney World moments of their very own while they stay tucked in at home. These range from DIY-inspired videos to recipes where viewers can recreate their favorite snacks. #homemadedisney has become a popular destination for users to express their ingenuity and spend time focusing on my positive and wholesome developments.

The hashtag continues to grow, as does the amount of videos that Jess Siswick creates. People have this wholesome and engaging way to cope in the face of worrisome statistics. For those of you inspired to make your own #homemade Disney challenge, be sure to keep in mind the protective tips from sources like the World Health Organization while having fun. Doing things such as washing your hands for at least twenty seconds at a time and not touching your face will go quite a long way in maintaining a safe, healthy environment to be creative in.