Kylie Jenner got the meme treatment. Again. 

Her over the top personality always manages to take the cake with everything she does. From extravagant birthday parties to exaggerated makeup palettes, Kylie does it all and shows it off. Kylie lives the ultimate luxury life.

In one of her recent YouTube videos, Kylie is giving a casual office tour –and by casual, we mean overly extravagant. The tour started by showcasing her office lobby and later moved to the famous "lip-kit wall" and other ultimate glam rooms. The office even has its own champagne vending machine. At the end of the tour, Kylie goes in to wake up her daughter, Stormi, from her nap. Upon entering the room Kylie randomly “sings” the words “rise and shine” to Stormi.

Of course, the internet went wild with this video poking fun at Jenner. She was made into the next viral meme in record-breaking time.

All of social media went crazy, particularly Twitter. Then, Kylie realized she must take advantage of this opportunity. As soon as it went viral, Kylie got in on the fun and created a meme by taking the famous Teletubbies sun and inserting her face on it and posted it to her Instagram. She received over 8 million likes on the post.

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no caption needed

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Kylie later put out an adorable video of Stormi dancing along to a remix of “Rise and Shine” Kylie created. Later in the video, Stormi repeatedly asks for "daddy’s sing." Stormi melted our hearts with her love for her father, Travis Scott.

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daddy’s girl ????????????

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However, that's not the only thing Kylie has done with the explosion of "Rise and Shine." She continues to take advantage of the moment, and we are all here for it.

Just when we think she’s done, she's not. According to Buzzfeed, before she posted the Teletubbies sun meme, Kylie hinted new products on her Instagram. The post was quickly deleted, but that didn't stop fans from seeing it. The post showed Kylie using what looked like a new tinted moisturizer with the caption, "Riise and shiine, Behind the scenes shooting my two new @kylieskin products. Can you guess what they are? #comingsoon"

We can now assume Kylie is making a KylieSkin product thanks to the new meme, but that's not all. Kylie has created some merchandise using the now famous phrase. The two merchandise items are hoodies that feature her face and "riise and shiinnee" plastered on the sleeves. They retailed for $65 and are now completely sold out.

However, that's not the only thing Kylie is doing. According to Insider, Kylie Jenner has filed a trademark application for the phrase "rise and shine." According to public records from the US Patent and Trademark Office, two applications were filled out by Jenner. 

For now, it is up to our imaginations what is coming next, but I foresee a "Rise and Shine" lip kit in our future.

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