Bella Thorne recently participated in Harper's Bazaar's #GoToBedWithMe YouTube series where celebrities and influencers are interviewed about their nightly routines. In the video, Thorne demonstrated her "one-ish" step skin care regimen by using all-natural products, but what she was using on her skin had her fans horrified.

Thorne explained that because she suffered with cystic acne for many years, she now only uses natural skin care to wash her face, including a homemade scrub made of just lemon, olive oil, and sugar.

"I came across this one woman, Jennifer, who is so amazing. She changed my skin and she's designing my skin care line," she said. "It's the only thing that's made a huge difference in an insane short amount of time, and her stuff is all-natural, which, of course, I love."

Thorne claims this scrub helps even out skin texture and "activates the skin to become alive again."

After washing her face with the lemon sugar scrub, she used a homemade face mask made of cherries, coconut oil, and honey. This is where her skincare routine typically ends. Thorne said she does not moisturize, despite skin that's "dry on top" and "oily underneath," however, she did note that she sometimes uses Vitamin E oil on her face for an extra boost.

Fans and viewers had a lot to say about Thorne's skin care routine.

"I’m sorry but I can’t take her seriously talking about how she doesn’t use moisturizer because of acne, yet she uses COCONUT OIL???!!!" one viewer commented. "Literally the most comedogenic oil on the planet. Also, you should NEVER put lemon on your face. People have legitimately gotten chemical burns from using it and the acidity weakens your skin. It also cracks me up that she’s into all natural because it’s safe, yet puts lemon on her face. You know what else is all natural? Poison ivy."

Another said, "This routine sends my anxiety into overdrive. Scrubbing the crap out of your skin is the fastest way to destroy your barrier. Anyone who is planning on starting a skincare line should have a basic understanding of chemistry."

It sounds like Thorne is going to do more harm than good with this routine. Perhaps she should consult a dermatologist before proceeding with her skincare line.

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