As Summer comes to an end, that means that parents will soon be taking their kids out for back to school shopping. And we all know what that means - Trips to Target! Yes, parents will soon be flooding your local Target stores across America! But it's not just for the school supplies.

Target has just announced a new collection with a brand called Toca Boca, that is geared towards kids and contains gender-neutral items!

Toca Boca is a Swedish-based brand, that truly values inclusivity and diversity when it comes to their products and consumers.

The Head of Consumer Products, Mathilda Engman, said in a press release for Toca Boca, that the brand has stayed true to its values when it came to creating the collection.

"Everything we make at Toca Boca is designed for all kids; it's our mission to make sure no kid ever feels excluded by Toca Boca."

Mathilda also mentioned the excitement of this new chapter for Toca Boca and its work with Target.

"We are so excited to see it will be merchandised together as a collection sitting between the boys and girls aisle of many Target stores."

The brand actually based their designs for the collection, off of the Toca Life digital toy series. The items include some fun characters, geometric shapes, and unique patterns.

The collection consists of apparel and accessories, sleepwear, backpacks, lunch bags, bedding and activity books. The kids clothing sizes range from 4-16.

The gender-neutral collection was just released today, July 17th, on Target's website.

If you happen to check out Target's website, they have a 'Kid's Back To School' section. Scrolling down about ¾ of the way down, you can see the entire Toca Boca collection.

Everything from the accessories to the clothes is creative and innovative for the future of kids-geared consumerism.

And we must say, the collection looks awesome!

Here are some of the clothing options from Toca Boca at Target:

Toca Boca Silly Burger Striped T-Shirt - Heather Gray ($8.99)

Toca Boca Bomber Jacket - Blue ($26.99)

Zip Up Sweatshirt with Hoodie - Sky Blue ($19.99)

Toca Boca Dress - Heather Gray ($19.99)