Most people had at least one friend growing up that made your parents a little uneasy about letting into the house. Whether it be a fear of something breaking or going "missing", parents must always keep in mind the possibilities that having a destructive child staying in their home may bring. In some extreme cases, mothers and fathers must do always do their best to protect their families. Here is a collection of parents (and some children) who explain why a certain person was never allowed to come over to their home.

Off Her Meds
Off Her Meds

"I no longer allowed my son's best friend to come to our place or for him to go over to his after the best friend's mom reported us to the police as harboring a runaway. This was after the best friend had been tossed out of his mom's house and told to spend the night sleeping outside AND she'd refused our phone calls to find out what was going on.

So yes, I wasn't going to let a 16-year-old spend the night in 30 degree weather with nowhere to go, sue me. The cops showed up, said she'd reported us as harboring a runaway. We explained what was happening and got treated like dirt and told that from now on we had to have full permission from the mom. Fine. We urged my son's friend to go to the police, report to them what was happening, and left it at that.

The mom tried to apologize three days later as 'being off her meds' and say it was okay for my son to go to their house and vice versa and I politely refused and hung up while she was screaming at me. I'd always been kind of uncomfortable with the woman and that just sealed it. They were still friends at school, but there were no more hanging out at either one's house and I explained why and they both agreed to the rules.

The son is in the military now and doing quite well and no longer has contact with his mother. Gee, I wonder why."

Compulsive Liar
Compulsive Liar

"I had a friend in fourth grade that lived a few doors down from me. I was a lonely kid, kind of a fly on the wall, so when she befriended me I clung to her.

But god, she morphed into a real monster. I was really close to my little sister at the time, even though we had like 4-5 years apart from each other, and this friend hated incorporating my sister in anything. She would always outcast her, ignore her, etc. which at the time was enough to tick me off once my mother brought it up enough times to me (let's not get into how my mother felt that complaining about my only friend to me would make me play adult in the situation..).

The friend's sister, however, was a package deal whenever said friend came over. I think the friend's sister suffered from Downs. She brought her own set of problems, including stealing our stuff, which her sister/my friend would then blame me for. The breaking point was when over dinner, my friend told my mother that on the car ride home from school I'd said, 'My parents would never spend a penny on my birthday' and I subsequently was grounded all weekend. I never said that. We'd been discussing Disneyland, and how my friend had gone for her birthday several times, and I said that we didn't have the money to. But my mom believed this kid anyway. I finally gave up dealing with this girl's lying and was happier without friends."

You Are Not The Father
You Are Not The Father

"My brother had a girlfriend in high school, his first-ever real girlfriend, and my mom did not like her. All three of us went to the same high school together and this girl glommed onto me as super sweet buddy-buddy BFFs when she got with my brother. But my mom didn't trust the girl, she didn't like the girl, and her dismay and apprehensions mounted the longer my brother knew her.

We're only talking about a couple of weeks to a few months. But it culminated in my brother hanging out at her house to visit her for dinner one evening. And then declaring he wasn't coming home, that he was going to stay there for the night. Apparently her parents were backing him up on this on the phone.

My mom wasn't having that. She stuffed me in the car and peeled out of the driveway. It wasn't just my brother being defiant, he'd done that before, something felt really off about this to her.

We got to the apartment complex where the family lived, and I helped her locate the apartment. I was in the car because I had been there before. I in no way wanted to be part of this situation whatsoever. Nonetheless I go up to the door and knock because we figure he will come out and talk to me.

He does come out, he talks, my mom talks, the girlfriend comes out and starts screaming. At this point I've locked myself in the car and rolled up the windows because I don't want to be any part of this. I remember her parents standing on the balcony and yelling down at my mom and my brother below. We qualified for Jerry Springer at that point. It was all beyond ridiculous.

Eventually my mom got my brother back in the car. She made me sit in the back seat so he could sit in the front seat and I remember arguing about the fact I should get to sit in the front seat because I wasn't the one who had caused all the problems that night. Hahaha. Oh Jesus.

Well she got him in the front seat and put me in the back and gave him a reaming from six ways to Sunday all the way home. I don't know specifics, I just remember her saying things like, 'it doesn't add up', and 'there's something wrong here', and 'this just isn't right. Parents don't co-sign their teenage daughter doing that and back the guy up in defiance to his parent when his parent said no'. That there was something wrong with these people.

There was something wrong with these people. 7-1/2 to 8 months later the girl gave birth to a baby. She was pregnant, she knew she was pregnant, and she wanted my brother to think he was the father (he and she had never had 'done it,' that was going to be 'their night'). Her parents were abetting her in the ruse.

For a couple of years after that when my brother wanted to do something stupid all my mom had to do was look at him and say that girl's name out loud. Her name wasn't Miranda but let's say it was. She would just look at my brother and say "Miranda?" then he would instantly stop pursuing whatever stupid thing he was trying to talk his way into getting to do.

I talked to my brother recently and apparently Miranda went around school for the rest of the school year, at least until the baby came I guess, telling everyone that I was a lesbian and she had a lesbian affair with me. Or something. I have no idea. The news never got back to me but apparently my brother knew all about it and he said everyone in the school was talking about it. It did explain some weird things people said to me but I never made the connection at the time. Not that what she said matters to me today. Especially since I never knew about it at the time.

So there's a story of a parent pulling their son out of an extremely toxic situation she had bad feelings about."

The Odd Family
The Odd Family

"My daughter is not allowed to stay at 'A's' house and 'A' can only come to ours during the day but never overnight. We allowed her to stay the night there 1 time last year and the stories that came back from a single night were completely unacceptable. Here are a few.

The dad has a room that no one is allowed to go in, not even the mom. When he is going into it or coming out of it he knocks on the door and everyone has to look in the other direction. The windows of that room are even blocked out with black trash bags. A said she has seen the inside of the room before and there is just a couch, a TV and a XBOX One. I don't care. My daughter is never going to go there.

The dad also apparently has lots of 'friends' that visited all through the night. Most friends never actually came in the house. None of them knocked on the front door. The dad would either get a message or just know they were there and hangout with them for a little while by their back door.

In the morning, before I picked my daughter up her and A were outside playing with the dogs. My daughter is well mannered and when A's dad asked her if she had put her breakfast plate away she answer 'yes, sir.' Well, apparently, what he heard was 'yes, sergeant' and it royally ticked him off. He started screaming at A that her friends are disrespectful and that my daughter wasn't allowed back in his house. He then referred to himself in third person as 'Sergeant' for the rest of the day and I am told it was until way after my daughter was gone. A told my daughter at school that it had all been straightened out and her dad felt bad about the misunderstanding and wants her to come stay the night again and will take them 4-wheeler riding in the woods as an apology. 1.) they don't have 4-wheelers so how is this even possible 2.) No way is my daughter going out in the woods with this guy.

If you are wondering, no he did not let my daughter back in the house. A had to pack up her things for her, which her dad watched her do to make sure she wasn't taking anything of theirs. When I got there, they were sitting outside. I had no idea why nor did I think anything of it till I got the previously mentioned story. Also, what was packed up for my daughter as 'her stuff' was not all of her stuff and we had to make a run to the store later for a toothbrush and her shampoo. She also didn't get any of her dirty clothes back and A insisted at school that she couldn't find anything else of my daughter's at their house. hmmmmm. A would not fit in my daughter's clothes nor would her mother so my daughter's new size 0 jeans, small shirt, small exercise bra and panties somehow just vanished.

The mom also did not speak the whole night. She just watched TV and would get up to get something for her husband or make him dinner but she didn't speak to A or my daughter and she also did not make them dinner. They had some popcorn and made their own breakfast in the morning.

These girls were 16 at the time. I wish my daughter would have called me to say things were a bit odd. I would have come to get her sooner. Since this incident, we now have a code message because she said she didn't know what to say even if she did call me. So now if something is amiss and she is uncomfortable she is to call or message me asking when her next orthodontist appointment is. It lets me think of the reason she has to be picked up and she does not have to feel awkward or in anyway disrespectful. I have also told her it is perfectly acceptable to just say she wants to go home, but I also understand where that can escalate an already bad situation.

She can't stay the night at our house because when A stayed at our house, her dad would call her randomly, even at 4 am. She missed the call once around 12:30 am and immediately called him back. He was already in his car driving to our house to get her because she didn't answer and I had to listen to a teenager talk her own dad out of a screaming rage. It was disgusting and I am not going to have that around my daughter.

I have not stated as much to my daughter but I am perfectly happy that her and A do not hang out anymore."

A Toxic Situation
A Toxic Situation

"My sister is 9 years younger than me. I wouldn't accept her ex-boyfriend. Not being toxic and the whole 'defensive' act some big brothers do. I just didn't like the guy. He was super emo and I could just see some 'light' in my sister going out. He was really possessive of her and whispering like wormtongue in her ear ALL THE TIME. Weird stuff now, not like whispering secret little jokes but whispering conversations. I assumed they were mocking me or my family.

I ended up making a demand that he not be in the house if I was home (not something I have ever dreamt of doing before or since).

Turned out he was whispering SUPER DARK stuff about suicide, self harm as well as subtly belittling and completely emotionally blackmailing her. She broke down and told my Mum all about it. Thankfully, they then broke up but he hung around trying to contact her FOR AGES. He be telling her that if she didn't go back to him that he'd hurt himself etc etc. Took a while but it fizzled out. She was back to herself in no time, thanks to Jesus.

Fast-forward 10 years, I'm on an A&E shift. I assess some poor girl who has addiction and mental health problems. She'd had a few suicide attempts in the last year. Low-and-behold... Who's her boyfriend?? The same scrawny little bollocks. He refused to acknowledge my existence when I assessed her; he just sat there looking at her and grinned (not smiling but bloody grinning) the whole time.


Little Menace
Little Menace

"I only allow sleepovers with close family and friends due to my childhood. But, assuming that was not the case, the girl next door asked for a sleepover. She was maybe 8, and my daughter was 6 (this was about 6 months ago).

The first time the girl came over to play, she told me to put my macaw in his cage where he belongs because birds should be in cages and she didn't like him. I told her she could go back outside if she didn't want to be near him, but I would not lock him up. She also informed me that she was going to need me to make her dinner, right now, because she was hungry. It was not even 4pm and she had not been invited for dinner. She was extremely demanding and disrespectful. She complained about the snack I gave her even. When the girls went to play outside, she made my daughter cry 3 times in maybe 40 minutes. This was the first and only time she was allowed to play with my daughter. When I told her it was time for her to go home, she asked to spend the night. I told her no. Then she informed me that her parents, who I have never met, had already said my daughter could spend the night with her. I again said no. She demanded to know why, and I told her that I would have had to know her family personally for several years before I would entrust my daughter with them. I left out the part where she was extremely disrespectful, and obviously had no discipline and had never been told no in her life. Not that it made a difference, but my daughter is high functioning autistic, so if something were to happen that she did not have the emotional or verbal skills to tell me about, I would never know. I have told the girl no every time since that she asked to play with my daughter."

Lack Of Parental Control
Lack Of Parental Control

"My son was eight.

He would be at this friend’s house, it always turned in to a sleepover (fine), and I didn’t love the lack of communication from this kid’s family.

Nearly the last straw was when I had not been told they were going anywhere, called multiple times between 9 and 10pm with no answer so finally drove over there to get him and they’ve gone to a movie. Without telling me or asking. I was annoyed and texted the mom to please bring him home immediately when they were done at the movie.

The actual last straw was when my son told me about being in the high school parking lot across the street from this friend’s house playing on skateboards. AT TWO IN THE MORNING. Who in their right mind lets an eight and nine year old play in a high school parking lot at two in the morning??? I blocked the mom’s number on my phone and directed him towards other friends. They’ve not hung out in nearly two years now and that’s a-ok by me; now he sees friends whose parents actually, like, parent and stuff."

A Trio Of Monsters
A Trio Of Monsters

"I was the kid who had THAT friend. They were the closest family in distance to my house and the only house nearby that had kids, so they were my neighborhood friends. There was three of them, the oldest was 13, then 12, and the youngest was 6. I was 7 at the time of the first major incident. They had been allowed over and to play my N64, but the older two would sometimes get super pushy/violent about me playing or beating them since I played my games more than they did. They started stealing things, my mom caught the 12 year old taking cash from her purse. A different day in time my dad apparently caught the oldest trying to steal some medication out of our bathroom. So they weren't allowed over anymore, which apparently really angered them.

Cue about 2 months after my parents put their feet down about the trio of kids coming over, the youngest came over alone and asked me to play. I said sure, went to his house to play. They ambushed me and dropped a cinderblock on my head, split my skull open, lots of blood. I woke up in the hospital. Police were called. My understanding of this point is a bit weak, but I guess the kids all acted as witnesses for each other that they had all been inside playing and had no idea why I was at their house or how the block got into the tree, and later fell on my head from said tree. Since my parents had never seen the youngest when he came over, I just told them he was there and that I was going to go play with him. It was a total mess and I had hoped the end of any relationship I had with that family. The oldest would tell me about a month later after I got off the bus one day, that they had been trying to kill me since 'I wasn't cool enough to hang out with them and didn't seem to learn that'. I had no idea what he was talking about as I had avoided them for about a month at this point.

Their followup wouldn't be swift oddly enough. It was nearly two years later before I was caught unaware by them. They had seen me walking past their house from their backyard and 5 kids, those 3 plus 2 cousins who lived sorta near us, came running at me. Like full tilt, dead sprint, charging me. I ran for everything I had, made it nearly to my yard before they finally closed the distance to me. I got hit once by something heavy, I have no idea what, their one cousin stabbing his nails into my arm/wrist area enough to draw blood. I got stabbed once by I believe the now 14 year old. I'm not honestly sure if the youngest did anything, I believe the oldest was the one who hit me in the back with something heavy that knocked me over. There were essentially 5 teenagers crowding around me, attacking me. Some with weapons of some sort.

My saving grace that day, was that I had been able to nearly make it to my house. I can remember screaming and yelling as I got closer to my house. Which by some miracle roused my dog. His name was Sambo and he was the biggest black lab that I have ever seen to this day. The dog wasn't allowed inside anymore because he got into problems and was just too big of a dog and neither of my parents had much control of him. He listened to me and that was about it. Well the neighborhood kids had a preexisting fear of my dog from when it had been aggressive with them before. So my screaming and yelling brought my dog running. I assume he jumped the fence as he was known to do if he felt like going for a walk and.... honestly I have no idea. I had blacked out and woken up in the hospital again. According to my mom, my dog was still sitting at my feet when they came outside and saw me. Lots of blood on the ground and no sign of anyone else.

They did face some legal repercussions for the second attack, honestly I don't recall what. They had moved less than a year later to FL and out of my life forever. They were honestly some of the most vile people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting."

Ending A Friendship With A Bang
Ending A Friendship With A Bang

"My 7 year old daughter had made a new friend in school. Her family lived walking distance, just a block away in our little neighborhood. My daughter had spent most of the day at their house. I'd met the mom and she seemed very nice and all that. I knew a sleepover request was coming and wasn't surprised when the phone rang just before dinner time. However, the mom was telling me that my daughter wanted to come home. She was going on telling me a winding tale about cleaning and the kids jumping on the bed. Then she mentioned that the 'Magnum' fell on the floor and went off and no one was hurt and the bullet exited near the ceiling and went through the fascia of the house next door into their attic area. 'So' she chuckled 'everything is alright but your daughter was surprised by the noise and wants to come home.' I managed to speak pleasantly and said I'd be right over to get her. I drove to the house around the block. The mom greeted me at the door with a big smile on her face. She was chuckling still. She led me upstairs to her bedroom and showed me the hole near the ceiling. It was a bit bigger than I had imagined it would be. Then she pointed out the window to the house next door. I peered out the window and could clearly see a nice big round hole in the aluminum fascia of the house. My daughter heard my voice in the bedroom and scurried in and wrapped herself around my arm and clung to me silently. She was still shaking. I looked around the nicely furnished bedroom and found the 'Magnum' still sitting out on the night stand. Yeah, new friendship lasted one day and was ended with a 45 'Magnum'. Thank God just the friendship ended and not a life."

Unsupervised And Running Free
Unsupervised And Running Free

"There's a kid a few homes down whose parents/grandparents just let him roam the neighborhood alone at any time even when he was quite young, like 5. I remember finding him sitting on my front lawn one morning in the sprinkler when it was blistering hot out, wearing a winter coat, tshirt and shorts, and no shoes. His grandmother was supposed to watch him but I never saw any adults ever, EVER come out of the home.

Well any time this kid was over he would break something then deny it happened, he even stole one of my kids razor scooters including stripping all the stickers off it. He denied that too. After watching him purposely break something in the back yard I told him he was never allowed to come back on our property. The neighborhood kids learned we have security cameras aimed all over the house so there's no point in trying anything quietly now."

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