Sometimes first dates go well, but usually, it's not that easy. And once in a while, they totally go up in flames. These dating disasters are often the worst case scenarios in each situation. In some cases, it's the couple's first time meeting each other, but others just aren't meant to be, even if they are together. Check out these terrible dates. Content has been edited for clarity.

Too Romantic Too Soon?

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Too Romantic Too Soon?

This guy was trying to physically put the necklace on her and she refused to take it. It was apparently only their second date and this woman was freaked out and ended up leaving."

Served More Than Dinner
Served More Than Dinner

"I was working at a vino bar when a married couple sat down on a pretty slow night. I went over the specials and they ordered. Once appetizers came out, the man thought it would be a good idea to serve his wife divorce papers. I did my best to avoid that side of the bar. I did bring out tissues for the wife who was breaking down.

My only guess as to why he brought her out to dinner was that the wife was prone to overreacting. Overreacting in the sense that she would throw things or hit. That was my mind justifying the situation though.

I ended up boxing up the dinner. The guy paid but I do not envy that ride home."

A Bad Match
A Bad Match

"I was at one of these fancy, speakeasy-type establishments they've started opening up, installing a new invoice printer for their Point of Sale system. Waiting for the printer firmware and driver to install can take 30 or 40 minutes on slower computers, so I was people-watching.

As I'm standing there watching the bar fill up, I notice a gorgeous blonde in her late 20s is sitting with a very well-manicured looking guy in his mid-40s. He's dressed like he just left a high dollar law firm and she looks like she's going to a fancy professional party after their date. He is polite, talkative, and super into her, but you can tell that she isn't reciprocating the feelings. To be honest, by the look on her face, she wants to be anywhere but in that bar at the moment.

The guy goes to the bathroom and she quickly picks up her phone and frantically calls someone and begs for pickup ASAP. The gist of the call was the guy was her mother's coworker and her mother had set the date up, and our girl really wasn't feeling it. About fifteen minutes later, a guy around her age comes in, throws some cash on the table and excuses them. She cites some vague emergency and is escorted out.

The older guy continues drinking ($140 tab, note that I'm standing at their main cash register) and starts flirting with the waitress, fails to get her number, pays in exact change without tipping, and leaves."

The Worst First Date

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The Worst First Date

"Okay, so I was working at P.F. Chang's at the time. In my opinion, it's sort of an odd place to come on a first date but maybe that's just me.

So they sit down and order drinks, he got a mojito and she got the Japanese Old Fashioned which is basically just straight up, so good start. They're maybe like late 20's or early 30's.

Everything is going fine while they wait for food, they're table was right next to the ordering terminal, and I'm kinda chilling by it because it's slow. I realize by the conversation that it's a first date. They were saying things like 'oh, do you have any brothers or sisters?' and 'Where'd you grow up?' That kinda thing.

Their food is kind of taking a while, so I stop by to make sure everything was okay, and she's now on her second old fashioned and I noticed she is pretty red in the face, and slurring like an idiot, but I thought it was weird after two.

I went and told my manager, I thought she might have brought her own stuff in and was drinking it when I wasn't watching. He said to stop serving her and keep an eye on it.

The dude gets up to go to the bathroom as I am walking by the table and she stops me and asks how much longer the food will be, slurring badly. I tell her a couple more minutes and start to walk away and then she stops me and she's like, 'you're really pretty you know that?' I was like, 'oh thank you I'm flattered.' And she like won't let it drop, keeps telling me I should model, maybe for upwards of 2 minutes. I was extremely uncomfortable, and it was at then this point she asks, 'do you think my date is attractive?'

I was like OH BOY HOW DO I ANSWER THIS? So stupid as I am clearly struggling on how to answer this she says, 'I can tell you're flirting with him.'

At this point, I didn't know what to say because I wasn't flirting, I was just doing waitress things so I just said: 'I have a boyfriend.' And walked away. Now, I am avoiding walking by the table at all costs.

When I bring the food over, the girl is literally crying. I have no idea what happened in between the time I left and when I brought the food over. The poor dude who has literally had one drink and looks horrified asks her what is wrong while I am standing at the table, and she picks up her head, GLARES AT ME, and goes 'HER.'

He seems confused and I walked away but I heard her getting more hysterical as I did, I walk into the back and start cracking up at this woman and I send my manager out there to see what's going on. He comes back and said that the dude said everything was fine with the meal and service. When I walk back outside the kitchen to check on my other table the dude is standing at the door waiting for me and I'm like, 'oh no.'

He shoves his credit card into my hand and goes 'can you please just swipe this and call her a cab I need to leave,' and he's apologizing profusely and saying how he doesn't know her and it's a first date; I assure him I am fine. I swipe the dude's card have him sign the receipt and he leaves.

Now I'm just completely ignoring the table because there is way too much weird stuff going on over there but still watching the woman. And I notice the woman start to look around towards the bathroom, she's still crying. The guy had maybe left like five minutes ago. And I realized he didn't tell her that he was leaving, he just paid and left. 10 more minutes go by and I think she realized he just left too. I hid in the kitchen until she eventually left. I still have no clue what went on at that table, but I'm glad that guy got the heck outta there when he did.

The hostess called her a cab because he drove."

Poor Average "Joe"
Poor Average "Joe"

"When I was bartending, this guy came into the bar on a weeknight, average looking guy, late twenties. He sat down and asked for a drink and told me he was nervous because it was his first date in three years and they had met on Tinder. He arrived 20 minutes before her expected arrival to get rid of some of his nerves...two hours passed and he waited for her with no text or call explaining she would be late.

This woman walks in, walks up to the guy and I'm thinking, wow! She really came! She looks at him and says, 'Are you Joe?' The guy replies yes and gets up to properly greet her looking incredibly excited, but unfortunately the feelings weren't mutual.