We all know how much of a blessing workout pants are in our lives. The comfort of the stretchy material makes them ideal for intense workouts and, let's be honest, any other activity as well. They are especially fabulous on days when we tend to sit on the couch and do nothing but eat too much and binge watch our favorite shows on Netflix. 


While workout pants definitely allow for some comfort in the gym, they can also be a tad bit uncomfortable in the sense of being a little bit too revealing. Whether you get a little self-conscious strutting around the gym in your workout pants or hate getting the unwanted, but inevitable butt sweat, it seems sticking to shorts just might be the better option. But, in the cold winter months, workout pants are a must, so you can either wear revealing pants or skip the gym all together, until now.


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You can strut around the gym in confidence and still keep your workout pants game strong. Allison Williams, an American actress, singer and comedian, revealed in an interview one simple hack she does to cover up while wearing workout pants. She wears what's called a BootyWrap, which her mother turned her on to. A BootyWrap looks like a sweatshirt tied around your waist, but it's really just a garment with sleeves and pockets to store small items in. It's perfect for keeping your booty and booty sweat hidden at the gym! You can buy your own BootyWrap or you can easily DIY your own!


Get your own BootyWrap here. Now you can go to the gym and run errands afterwards without feeling self-conscious!