Wondering why your hair is lying flat against your head or looking greasy mere hours after you shower? The answer is likely as simple as this: you condition your roots. If this is you, STOP immediately. The scalp naturally produces oils which condition on their own. That means that when you condition your roots, you add extra conditioner to a natural process and make your hair heavy, flat, and oily. Avoiding conditioning at the roots makes your hair lighter by the roots which adds volume and creates cleaner looking locks with more movement.

That being said, you should of course continue to condition the rest of your hair, and especially your ends which go through the most damage between straightening, coloring, brushing, etc. But lay off of the conditioner at the roots. However, if you have a naturally dry scalp or extremely thick, unruly hair, you may be an exception. So definitely heed our advice with a grain of salt, use your best judgement, and speak to your hairdresser as needed.