The holidays are right around the corner, and we all know what that means. Children everywhere are presenting their parents with a list of gift ideas. But this poor father is checking his daughter's list, and he's checking it twice!

At 10 years of age, this little girl's holiday gift list is pretty ambitious, but her innocent spelling errors make it that much more adorable. Still, this wishlist is out of this world! An iPhone 11 for a 10-year-old?! Hopefully she doesn't think she is entitled to any of these gifts. Just in case the handwriting is hard to read, here's her list, word for word:

  • iPhone 11
  • air pods
  • New mac book air
  • A real Bunny
  • Hiydro flask
  • Clothes
  • Make-up
  • pink pumas
  • Guci slided
  • Chanel purs
  • purfum
  • asenchal oil
  • American girl doll car
  • New shoes
  • earings/ julery
  • chekered vans
  • Go pro
  • pink Duck tap
  • glues food coloring and landry diturgent
  • clothes for bunny
  • 4,000 dollars
  • lol doll camper
  • lol dolls/ Bigsister
  • lol doll Shalay
  • New shets amd cover
  • alarm clock

That's one long and expensive wish list! But I must hand it to her, she knows what she wants. Some highlights include:

  • A real Bunny
  • Chanel purs
  • clothes for bunny
  • 4,000 dollars

She really slid that $4k in that list like it was nothing, but Twitter users are here for this girl's wish list and so are we.

Her list may make her seem spoiled, but a Queen knows her worth! She has big dreams, but it all depends on if she's been naughty or nice. Hopefully she has a wonderful holiday season and this poor dad catches a break soon.

How would you react if this was your child's Christmas wish list? Let us know in the comments!