Thinking about getting in shape but still unsure? Many people fear working out. Worries surrounded by what to do, where to go, injuries, and failure bombard peoples' minds when just getting starting, If this describes you, this new empowering workout class is your answer.

Burn Boot Camp is a relatively new fitness center franchise that started in 2012 by Devan Kline and his wife, Morgan. Burn Boot Camp aims to educate, inspire, and bring happiness to their members through 45-minute classes ranging in a variety of workouts. Devan stated in an interview with MiND, "We believe that physical fitness is merely one element of ultimate happiness. The mental, emotional and spiritual fitness is being ignored at scale and our mission is to change that."

Burn Boot Camp's goal is to create a sense of community with its members and that's exactly what they do.

One Burn Boot Camp member, Alexis Chase stated on Instagram, "Starting at Burn was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself! I am constantly challenged and motivated by my Burn family, and I honestly couldn't have imagined how strong and confident I would become when I started 2 years ago."

Empowerment is one of Burn Boot Camps' main focuses, and they do that in a variety of ways. The trainers work especially hard to make sure every member feels comfortable and confident when working out. The Burn Boot Camp community is like no other. One member, stated on Instagram "There’s no other group of women I’d get up at 6 am every day to workout with. We laugh together. We cry together. We pray together. We sweat together. We push each other. We challenge each other. We high five each other. We hug each other. We do life together. It’s so much more than a gym and I’m so thankful for it."

Burn Boot Camp does a great job of making sure everyone's accomplishments are known and acknowledged. Whether it's your first camp or your one hundredth, whether you did your first pull up or plank, whether you're visiting from a different location, Burn makes it known. Every accomplishment is celebrated and you gain a second family within this organization.

Here's what to expect at a class at Burn: each weekly protocol differs from the last, switching between strength and cardio based days. Each day brings a new workout that focuses on different parts of the body. New members can check out the Instagram account of their Burn facility to see the weekly workouts. Although Burn members are primarily woman, some class times offered are co-ed.

The quick 45-minute camp is well worth your time with an experience like this. No matter what your daily life consists of, decompress with Burn Boot Camp and become that person you've always wanted to be. With over 350 locations across the United States, there's a Burn family for almost everyone. Take advantage of the free Saturday classes and give it a try. Visit Burn Boot Camps Instagram and website for motivational stories and how to get started!