Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, so of course, it's understandable that some brides and grooms want to go all out for the big day. But sometimes, they take their requests a little too far. This is one of those times.

An invitee of this wedding posted a screenshot of the bride's gift registry to Reddit and it is not pretty. First of all, the bride stated that wedding guests MUST either choose from her gift list or consult her personally before buying anything. Second of all, she said she expected everyone to spend AT LEAST $400 on the gifts.

WHAT?! Who in their right mind has the audacity to demand $400 gifts from each person attending their wedding?

According to the post, the bride's gift list includes:

  1. Any KitchenAid appliances over $350 – not regular kitchen items like aprons or spatulas, but appliances like stand mixers, blenders, etc.
  2. Any Gucci or Louis Vuitton purses. Other purses are allowed, but guests must consult the bride first
  3. Any clothes OVER $400 from Calvin Klein, Moschino, or Nora's
  4. New floor tiles for her ENTIRE house
  5. A new car or a new trim for the bride's car or anything in relation to the car
  6. $400 or more gift cards to any of the following places: Sak's Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and maybe JC Penney. Other places are acceptable, but the bride must be consulted.
  7. Any Korean or Asian beauty products totaling $400 or more
  8. Any HIGH CLASS paintings or decorations totaling $400 or more
  9. Any cash gift of $400 or more

If I were invited to this wedding, I'd be finding every excuse not to go. And then questioning why I was friends with someone so entitled in the first place.

The saddest part of it all is that nearly all the gifts on the wedding registry have absolutely nothing to do with this couple's marriage or the life they are about to build together. The groom isn't even mentioned in the post! Instead, this list is just what the bride would get if she were ever awarded a luxury shopping spree.

As one commenter pointed on, perhaps wedding guests should donate their $400 to the groom's divorce lawyer fund because it sounds like he's going to need it.

What would you do if someone invited you to their wedding and then pulled a stunt like this? Sound off in the comments!

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