Now even weddings can be finger lickin' good! In a recent press release, KFC Australia announces that it will plan and pay for the weddings of six couples. According to the New York Post, the wedding will consist of official Kentucky Fried Chicken food trucks, KFC sponsored officiants, and officially branded merchandise and performers to make it the most memorable wedding possible. The only thing that seemed to be missing from the press release was the drinks. KFC won't provide adult beverages to the wedding guests, so guests will have to solve that problem on their own. With a massive corporation taking care of the costs and logistics, only having to plan the drink selection would be a dream.

In order to be eligible, there are a few requirements for the lucky couples. Each couple must be located in Australia and have a wedding date planned between November 2019 and May 2020. They must also write a 200-word essay on why it has always been the couples' dream to have a KFC-themed wedding.

In this one-of-a-kind press release, Nikki Lawson, the managing director at KFC Australia, notes how, “Over the years we’ve seen some amazing Facebook comments and have heard of some incredible proposals from fans taking place in our restaurants in Australia and around the world.” It seems like the fans demanded it, so KFC will officially support their passions for marriage and fried chicken.

If this campaign goes smoothly over the next several months, KFC Australia's efforts could spread to other countries, cementing fried chicken as a long-lasting symbol of marriage. Pretty soon, brides will throw a bouquet of fried chicken into the crowd of singles instead or those overused traditional flowers.

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