Ah, the things we do for beauty -- and fashion. But should we be concerned about what these fashion trends mean for our overall health?

High Heels

High heels have been popular in women's fashion for generations. But what happens to our bodies when we don a pair of Louboutins? To compensate for the lack of balance while wearing heels, the ankles, hips and spine muscles are forced to bend and flex -- and according to the Spine Health Institute, this can lead to extreme muscle fatigue and strain. Wearing heels is linked to foraminal stenosis, a spinal nerve condition that causes shooting pains, numbness and muscle spasms.

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Spanx and other shapewear are often worn under your clothes to make you look more thin and like you have a more feminine figure, but they have been linked to a long list of complications when it comes to your organs, including shallow breath, tingling sensations in the legs, and compression of the stomach, intestine and colon. Another unpleasant side effect shapewear is a condition called folliculitis, an infection that arises when bacteria gets trapped in your skin's hair follicles and causes pus-filled bumps.

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Skinny Jeans

Your favorite pair of denim may be causing you problems. And according to consumer research from the British Chiropractic Association, almost three-quarters of women have suffered from back pain because of their wardrobe. Amongst the top culprits? Skinny jeans, which can reduce blood flow to your lower legs. The tight jeans compress the nerves in the groin, thighs and calves, which can cause swelling and numbness. The BCA also claims that skinny jeans reduce mobility, leading to a more restricted gait.

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Heavy Jewelry

Big, heavy statement jewelry is probably going to cause you some problems. Though the trend these days err on the side of "the bigger, the better," maybe you should think otherwise.

According to Edward Miranda, a board-certified plastic surgeon, there are risks when it comes to wearing heavy jewelry. Earrings add weight to the skin that makes up your earlobe, and wearing heavy earrings can cause your earlobes to stretch or even tear. And even if they are not necessarily heavy, a large earring has a higher likelihood of getting stuck on something or being pulled by a young child.

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So next time you're trying to show off your style, maybe take these points into consideration.

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