When it comes to dating apps, the most infamous one known to all (especially millennials) is Tinder. But what exactly drives a guy away from a girl's Tinder profile?

Well, the blunt men of Reddit have given some insight into the matter, revealing the most annoying things that causes them to swipe left.

1) Being Too Vague Is A Definite No-No

Apparently, you can come across as 'cold-hearted' and boring by being extremely vague on your profile as it makes some guys think that you aren't 'serious' about the dating process. Guys like to know a little bit of information about a girl before messaging them so they have something to converse about instead of the stereotypical "Hey!" or "What's up?" They like some background information to work off of.

I mean, it's Tinder... I don't think most guys or girls take it too seriously. But if so, I do agree that no one should be too vague about their life. If you barely have anything on your profile, it can be difficult for anyone to know how to start a conversation.

2) Those List Of What You "Can't Live Without" Need To Go ASAP

Listing out the top things you can't live without such as coffee, family, and animals can make the guy move on fast. Basically saying things you need to survive as a human can be a bore to the guy and cause him to have not much interest.

This 'annoyance' made me laugh. I mean people have strong opinions on the taste of coffee. If a girl expressed her interest or disinterest for coffee in the description, that shouldn't be the sole reason to swipe left.

3) Having Zero Evidence Of Your Hobbies

If a girl says that she loves to do something in the outdoors or something but there aren't any details or photos to go along with that fact, it makes the guy question whether or not the girl is being honest. Is she saying that to look relatable to the guy? Or does she actually like that certain hobby but just doesn't have any recent photos or experiences with it?

I can see where this can look dishonest in a bio because anyone can say they like the outdoors or cooking, etc. But some guys would like to see what in particular you're passionate about.

4) Don't Be Too Basic About Your 'Fun Facts'

Having basic girl quotes or just generic facts don't usually spark the interest of a male. While maybe the girl thinks it makes them seem normal, guys want to know something more unique about their personality or life. According to one Reddit user, these are terms like:

"'I like to have fun.' 'I speak sarcasm.' 'My friends and family are the world to me.' 'I'm easy going and like to stay in and watch movies but also like to go out and party.'"

Alright, so guys really don't like girls being 'basic' or whatever. I don't know how to feel about this one because if I saw it on a guy's profile, I wouldn't care that much. But if the guy is looking for a super intricate description on a girl's profile, then maybe they should just meet them in person and feel out the situation.

5) Warning That You Aren't Looking To Hook Up

Guys don't like when the first thing they see is a little blurb about how the girl isn't looking for a one-night-stand or casual fling.

I feel like if a girl does say this it could be a cry for attention. But I could be wrong. I mean Tinder seems like it's the hub for hookups, but there are some people who actually have long-lasting relationships from it. Regardless, the 'no to hookups' warning could be beneficial in steering away from the jerks out there.

6) When Your List Of Requirements Is Longer Than Your Grocery List, Beware

It can come across extremely shallow for a girl to have their own list of requirements on the profile. Requirements as in, the girl wants a tall guy who is specifically 6 feet or taller, makes x amount of dollars, etc. Besides being tacky, it's also a huge NO if a girl brings up race and what they prefer.

Honestly, anyone who does this (men or women) is extremely shallow in my eyes. If I saw this on a guy's profile I would just think, 'Wow...this guy is a tool!' So I don't think it's right for either gender to list out the physical traits they want in a person. Especially because that picky person can make their own judgment while swiping, so why call attention to it?

7) Which One Are You In The Photo? It's So Confusing!

Sadly with Tinder, photos are the thing that gives you that first impression of a person (yes, our society is super shallow when it comes to image). But it can get a bit complicated when the photos include multiple or all group photos. If it's to the point where the guy can't decipher which one you are, then they're probably going to swipe left. Looks can be deceiving! And it is recommended to make sure photos are up to date, or at least within the last year or so. Nobody should be uploading photos from 2010 anymore...

I completely agree with this! It's like a form of catfishing if someone doesn't upload a true photo of the real and most recent version of themselves. I think that maybe one or two group photos can be okay, but if it's all group pictures or really blurry ones, there's no point in swiping right.

8) And The Poses In The Photos Matter!

If your photos include making either a 'duck face' or shows half of your face due to bright lighting, guys don't like that. They also aren't a fan of super-edited photos or the 'top-down' selfie view.

I can understand this one because the photos could give to false advertisement of the person. And with the over-editing, I think that's too common for people to do and shouldn't be to the point where it doesn't even look like you.

9) Hide the children!

Guys don't like seeing photos of women with their children. They want to learn about you, as a person, not your child. As one user put it,

"Even worse, description of said kids. Girl, it's a dating site, not a freakin' adoption agency ad!"

Okay, this one...this can be a bit controversial. On the one hand, if you do have a child maybe it is better to be upfront about it. But they could also see it as someone who is looking for the potential new father of their child. I don't know... I'm too young for this one.

10) No one likes a Debby Downer

Negativity and automatic put-downs are not attractive. Being self-deprecating or just plain negative about yourself can be a turn-off to most. Guys don't want to talk to someone who has zero confidence in themselves. Also, guys don't like being assumed as being creepy. They want a chance and are not a fan of automatically being labeled as 'potentially creepy,' when they see in a description: "No creepy guys, please!" Just avoid uncalled for presumptions about a person.

Confidence is key! If you're coming across as someone who likes to put others and yourself down, no one is going to want to be around that negative energy in real life. And for the creepy factor, I don't see why someone would put that up. It's up to you on whether or not you want to keep the person as a match. I feel like saying stuff like "No creepy guys" will make the actual creepy guy want to message you...

What are your thoughts on these top Tinder annoyances?

Do you think these irritations of guys are petty or are they pretty spot on to being true? As a female, I can say that I can see where they're coming from but I also think that they seem to care a little too much about their ideal 'perfect Tinder bio.'

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