Two 1990s shoes are coming back into our lives: The Slinky Platform Sandals and The Jelly Sandals.


The Slinky Sandals were re-created by Steve Madden --- Steve Madden's Slinky Platform Sandals.

The Jelly Sandals are a collaboration by Rihanna with Puma --- Rihanna's Puma x Fenty Jelly Sandals.

Any 1990s kids out there who grew up with these shoes might have some mixed emotions. But like any fad, these fashion trends will continue to come and go.

Rihanna's Puma x Fenty Jelly Sandals

The one and only Queen Rihanna has collaborated with Puma in a Fenty X Puma Collection. We all remember wearing the Jelly shoes with the strap to the pool and other summer festivities. If I remember, clearly, they weren't the most comfortable shoes, because of that stupid strap. But Rihanna's version has the style of those Adidas Slide-On Sandals that pretty much every kid owned in the 90s. So the difference in this new Jelly Sandal is that it's most likely more comfortable than the throwback versions...which apparently Forever 21 is now selling.

When Can We Get Them?

Well, since these Jelly Sandals are still in production, there is no exact date of release, but they should be out at some point this Summer 2017.

How Much Is Rihanna Selling Them For?

As for the price, that information is not available to the public quite yet. If you look at her collection in the links below, it's most likely that these sandals will not be as cheap as they used to be. I mean, the Bow Sandals are priced at $90...So, we can likely expect to pay somewhere in that ballpark.

She has actually already released some of the Collection on Puma's website, featuring:

Men & Women's Creepers

Men & Women's Sneaker Boots and Bow Sneakers

Women's Bow Sandals

Women's Lace-Up Heels

Women's Mule Heels

She's already selling out of some of the Bow Sneakers!

The good news is that these translucent sandals will be in available in three colors, pictured below: Black, Blue, and Pink.

Steve Madden's Slinky Platform Sandals

THE ICONIC 90s platform sandal is back! Remember when you would wear them with just about ANY outfit? Most of us were sporting these as little kids, and now we can wear them again as young adults. Well, get ready, because this Summer they're walking back into our lives...and our closets! (Let's be honest, some of us are secretly excited for this sandal to be back).

The Steve Madden versions are a bit different than the ones most of us used to rock before. The main difference is that they feature a rounded edge to the shoe, and also a flatter heel. So they are definitely an upgrade from the ones we once treasured.

When Will We Get Them?

You can go to Steve Madden's website if you are wanting to pre-order these classic throwbacks. But, you're going to have to wait until July 9, 2017, to receive your order.

How Much Are The Slinky Shoes?

Slinky Platform Sandals are selling for $69.95 and are ranging in women's shoe size from 5-11. Yes, they are a bit pricey for a sandal, but it's a great purchase for any 90s baby out there!

Social Media Reacts!

The Internet has found out about this 90s news, and they have some comments on how they fell about all of this nostalgia

Slinky Platform Sandals Thoughts

Jelly Sandals Reactions

Guess we'll have to wait and see if our fave 90s Celebrities, go back to these shoes. Looking at you, Britney!

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