Who knew you could get these results, from a Groupon?

I Knew I Had To Try This Latest Trend

In the past few months, I have discovered eyelash extensions through various Youtubers who have gotten them. I have a couple of weddings coming up this summer and wanted to try these out as a trial to see if I really did like them. At first I thought: Hey I kind of want to know more about the 'eyelash extension' craze and see if it's something I would tell a friend about.

But It Wasn't Going To Be Cheap

So I researched and looked up local companies in my area, that offered eyelash extension services. I saw the price on some of the websites and freaked out! I couldn't believe that people spent SO MUCH money on eyelashes... So from there, I decided to look on Groupon.com and just typed in eyelash extensions, in the search bar. I was pretty surprised with the different discounts that Groupon provided, but at the same time, I was a little skeptical. I was skeptical because this "discount" was a significant amount of money that taken off of the original price....probably too good to be true. So I was thinking: Hmmm...this could be a scam...but I'll look more into it.

After A LOT Of Research

Since there were a good amount of results, I knew I would have to research the companies and compare prices. Another factor that I based my choice off of was distance. I didn't want to drive more than an hour for this experience. Eventually, I narrowed down my choices and looked at reviews from past clients. I highly recommend doing this, because you want to make sure you're getting a quality experience for the price you pay. Reviews still didn't clear everything up for me, but I did eventually decided on one place to take the jump...

What Did It Cost?

The deal I purchased from Groupon, was $94 for a full set of lashes PLUS a fill-in in 3 weeks. The standard price for most 'full-set' eyelash extension services, range from $125-$300. So I was happy that I definitely got more for my money, because that deal paid for 2 visits compared to just one visit.

It's Decided!

Once I read the reviews, I decided on a company and set up an appointment. I ended up choosing a place that was about 30 minutes away from me, called Beauty Lounge. They had a 4.5/5 Stars rated online and they had 4 pages of positive comments in the review section.

The Big Day Feels

Before getting the extensions done, I can't say I was very nervous, only because I had done my research and had not found bad reviews about that company; I was just really excited to see the results!

Let Me Set Up The Scene

When I arrived, the place was small, but it had just enough room for a few stretch tables and a cute couch to sit and wait. The girl who was doing my eyelashes was very nice and considerate of what I wanted the lashes to look like. She gave me some choices and we agreed on a more natural long set that also winged out towards the edges.

Then It Went Down --- The Actual Procedure

I then laid down on the stretch table and she put these white pads under my eyes, along with some tape. This was to section my face off and so none of the glue would get all over my eyes.

It Was Better Than I Expected! But Did It Hurt?

The entire process was quite relaxing. I basically got to rest for 2 hours and I could barely feel the extension process happening. They also played good (what kind?) music in the background, so there was never pure silence, which I appreciated. It was a very gentle and calming feeling, getting the extensions put on.

The Moment Of Truth: Results & Pics!

Once she was done, she gave me a hand-mirror to look at my new eyelashes. I LOVED them! They were exactly what I wanted; They looked like I had 'naturally-gifted' lashes. I am very happy that I made the choice to get my lashes done and that everything went well. The best part is that I saved so much money from using Groupon.

How Long Will They Last? Stay Tuned To This Series!

I'm on day 3, currently, for having the extensions and am tracking my progress. The girl at the Beauty Lounge told me they should keep for about 3 weeks. Stay tuned for more of my thoughts and updates on my eyelash extensions!

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