Parking spots can become personal. Even if they've never been "officially assigned", people can get upset if their usual spot is taken. It can feel even like a personal attack when it's your own neighbor stealing your spot. The best kind of neighbor is one who can keep their cool when it comes to parking spots.

Parking For A Funeral
Parking For A Funeral

"The place we live in has a parking issue.

Our house is away from the main road and the lane immediately outside of it is so narrow that if two cars, even compact cars, are parked parallel to each other on either side of the road, getting past them even on a bicycle is going to be a problem. So, people have to adjust and adapt.

When my grandmother died in 2011, we had a huge number of people pouring in to pay their last respects and to bid their goodbyes. It was obvious, then, that the parking situation was worse than ever.

Many visitors parked several lanes away and walked the rest of the distance to our home. Others opted for taxis so they wouldn't have to deal with finding a parking spot.

Amidst all this, our immediate neighbor did the most deplorable thing conceivable.

They moved their already parked full-sized SUV from an alternate location to right outside our house at the entrance, thus, blocking the way in.

We couldn't take the body out.

My dad (or maybe it was my uncle, I don't remember) had to go request them to move their car so that grandma could be taken for her funeral.

And mind you, we have been neighbors for years and grandma had been nothing but nice to them.

My mom, on a later date, informed me that their actions were a show of revenge. Apparently, there was an ongoing, nonverbal war between them and my cousin for a parking spot.

My cousin comes home before them from work, and he takes the preferred spot (it's not assigned parking. More like first-come, first-serve basis). They don't like it. This was their way of saying, 'Eff you!'

My take-home message? Never underestimate just how vile and obnoxious humans truly can be!"

Kill 'Em With Kindness
Kill 'Em With Kindness

"She came over and knocked on my door and by the look on her face I could tell she was livid and so I asked her if everything was okay. She pointed to the mutual hedge between our houses, which I had clipped the day before. Now keep in mind this hedge is mostly privet which is just underbrush basically. Of the two of us I am the one who keeps my yard up and she is not that interested in yard work. But this day she was upset because I had dared to clip the bushes more than she thought was appropriate. I had clipped them before and it was no problem but now she was not happy. She proceeded to cuss me out saying, 'Who freaking does that?' They were clipped a bit more than usual but they would grow back, I said. She would not back down and was threatening me with a lawsuit and fines until I finally told her I wasn’t going to stand there and take that abuse.

Several hours later, I was coming down my driveway and I saw her sitting on her porch. She practically leaped off the porch and came into my yard shaking some papers in my face telling me she had talked to her lawyer. Turns out they were clearly meant to scare me, which they didn't because they were very bogus-looking papers.

Then the next morning, early, a policeman came to my door before I was even dressed. He seemed rather embarrassed to even be there when I asked him what the problem was and so I asked if it was concerning my neighbor? He nodded and said, 'Ma'am I'm just doing my job and I need you to fill out some papers.' I asked him if it was against the law to clip mutual bushes and he just said, 'Ma'am, she filed a complaint so we have to follow up.' Well, he went to his police car and sat there for the longest time and then he drove off and I never saw him again.

My neighbor was still on the warpath and she would do things like park in our mutual driveway and park at the very edge of the drive so that I had to park on the street and couldn't get in. One time she actually parked behind me blocking me in. And if a friend came and parked in the driveway she put a note on their car, saying 'PLEASE don't park here!!!' Eventually she sent me some more papers from some legal something or another; it seemed like more hogwash to me saying that it wasn't safe for either of us to park in the drive in case there was a fire because the fire trucks couldn't get in there and I would be responsible and she hoped I would do the right thing.

Now I was beginning to doubt the mental stability of my neighbor and I just took all this in without saying a whole lot. But after the police visit I did write her a letter telling her the police probably had better things to do with their time and if I ever clip the bushes again I will be sure and ask her and I did deliver the letter in person.

Time went on and she would barely speak to me for over a year. If I was working outside, and the houses are close together, and she was on her porch I would say hello and she would not even look at me. But I did not return her coldness with coldness and I did not seek revenge and eventually she started saying hello again. She even left me some cookies for Christmas one time. Of course they were packaged because I may not have eaten them thinking she was trying to poison me otherwise. Haha.

So this is my disrespectful experience with my neighbor. Hope you learned something about those supposedly nice neighbors of yours. You never know."

See What Happens
See What Happens

"This happened a few years ago.

My neighbor started parking on the street behind my car (like literal inches) for no apparent reason. My neighbor has a driveway (empty), and also lived two houses down the street. I don't have a driveway, so on-street parking is a must for me.

So, after a few weeks, I asked if it was necessary to park so close when there were literally no cars on the street for over a 1/4 mile. He said 'No, but there's no law against it' with a big annoying grin on his face.

A few weeks pass by, and my car gets hit because someone thought there was enough room to clear as his truck blocked the view of my car entirely. I see this happen but unfortunately can't get a model or license plate number.

I find my neighbors email address (because I really didn't feel like talking to him) and asked him again, if he could just park further down the road, closer to his house.

He replied 'Nope. Suck on it.'

Okay. I had lived here for quite a long time and never had any issues with him or any other neighbor (I keep to myself, never make noise, don't have any noisy pets or parties, etc).

His truck has his business name on it. Google it. Find out it's his own business. Lots of yelp reviews, BBB rating, etc. All these links point to his website. I go to check his website - it doesn't load up. I head over to whois and see that the domain isn't registered.

I snag it.

Before I think of what to do with it, I google the owner's name and find out he's been convicted of murdering a child 20-ish years ago. I find a handful of links that details his story rather explicitly.

I copy/paste all those links into an email to him (a throwaway account so he can't just reply to me as I deleted it afterward).

Said something like, 'Well, if you want to be rude for no reason, I just bought your business domain. Here are all the links I plan on posting on it. I don't have to list your business name because all of your business listings across the internet have this URL pointing to it. Keep parking like an idiot. Yes, it's legal, but you are willfully doing this just to annoy me. I legally bought your domain, and can legally link these articles. Park behind me again, and I'll launch it.'

Within an hour his truck was moved into his driveway.

He asked me for the domain, and I told him, 'When either you move, or I move, I'll hand it over. Until then it'll remain offline.'"

Granny J
Granny J

"About five years ago I bought a 1500 square foot townhome condo in an up and coming town right in the downtown area. When I moved in all my neighbors were wonderful. We all got along great except for one person. She belonged to the HOA board but was moving on because you can only serve eight years. We'll call her Granny J.

Granny J is a 65+year old widow whose husband died unexpectedly from a heart attack. She doesn't have much to do. Talking to my passive neighbors I hear bits and pieces of why things are at the HOA because of Granny J and another woman who had to move because of age. She bullied a woman with MS because Granny J was feeding feral cats and attracting raccoons and possums near our homes and Animal control was called. Residents did not like her.

I got married and my wife has been living with me for two years now, at this point. We are very happy.

Now at our complex, there is only one rule on parking, each resident is entitled to two spots close to their building, but not necessarily in front of your unit and there is no limit to parking spots you may occupy.

Now she started complaining that we were in her spots. Again, there are no assigned spots. We were willing to move our friends' vehicles for her to another empty spot, that is until she started occupying two spots at a time with her vehicle.

This behavior continued as she would come in taking two spots any time she was here. The rules in the Master Deed say no vehicle can take more than one spot without written permission from the Board of Directors or Property Management group and cannot continue for more than two days with permission. This was to account for residents moving in and out.

Suddenly that spring my wife had a medical issue and was hospitalized for four days and on disability for eight weeks. My mom was the only family member on both sides who could come down to where we live to help us out. She drove down and we needed to occupy three spots. I promptly let our property management company know.

We had a car in front of her house but she had room for her vehicle. She marched over and banged, and I mean it was loud. Yes, she tried to ENTER MY HOME. It shook my dog who peed herself it was that loud, who in turn growled and chased her out. I promptly told her there was no assigned parking and the rule is one car per spot. Per usual, we moved a car out of respect one last time and saw she occupied two spots with it.

One time banging on the door, she dented the frame with her keys.

When we were not home, she would come in and park a few additional times, occupying two spots. I would take more pictures, for my records in case something happened because of her erratic behavior.

Finally, it happened. About this time last year, I was at the gym and I got a call from my Mom and my wife, frantic that someone was going to tow my wife's car. I drive home as fast as I can and its Granny J's boyfriend's son and his girlfriend, whom we have never met. This idiot, who doesn't live here and has no business here, is screaming at us and insulting my pregnant wife and mother. 'MA MOTHER-IN-LAW PAYS $XXX DOLLARS A MONTH FOR THESE SPOTS! YOU PRICKS ARE BREAKING THE RULES! IMMA TOW THAT THERE SUV!' All while drinking heavily. Now we know he can't do anything except scream and try to intimidate us outside. He calls his 'mother-in-law' (who is not married to his father) about the situation.

Granny J drives an hour to our complex. When she gets there she parks her car behind all three of ours and gets out blocking us in, and I had enough. I quickly snap some pictures. I called the police. I will not feel unsafe or be harassed in my neighborhood by people who do not live there or are barely there. Granny J realizes I called the police and moves her car.

I print out all my documentation, pictures, and communication from the HOA. My pregnant wife sits in her rocking chair and my mother sits calmly at the kitchen table.

The police arrive and we can see them hollering, waving arms widely, and screaming. The police come to the door and we kindly open up. Granny J tries to walk in before I block her and ask her to leave my property and invite the police officers inside.

We apologized that we even have to call them over something so petty, but our neighbor is acting crazy and her behavior has been escalating. We explain what is happening, show them communication from the HOA, show them pictures. The officer quickly had enough of these white trash people. He imposes a no-trespass order on my porch and will not let her near my property. If she steps foot on our walkway, she is in violation of the order and she will be arrested.

We watch him go back out and explain calmly to her and she starts screaming along with her boyfriend's kid and his girlfriend. This goes on for a while and the officer calls for backup and a second car arrives promptly. Granny J promptly declares it's her property too, she pays her fees and that he can't do that because everything is community property outside of a home. She goes and marches up to my stoop and he arrests her. Charges her with disorderly conduct and harassment.

The police then tell Granny J's boyfriend's son to go home. He gets in his truck with his white trash girlfriend and they drive off. As soon as he hits the road outside of our complex, the second police officer pulls him over, for drinking while driving! That's right, the guy screaming at my wife and mother had been drinking the entire time and was loaded. Police couldn't do anything in the complex, but could when he hit the main road. Both of them were hauled off the jail and we stopped hearing from them about parking.

Two days later, Granny J and her boyfriend show up at the complex and they park her boyfriend's car in our lot and leave it, parked in one spot to ensure it's 'hers'. Well, they drive off and we don't hear from them in a week and no one is home. Since Granny J's boyfriend does not live here and his car is abandoned, I called the HOA to report it. They came and towed his SUV.

Granny J put her house on the market eight weeks later."

Taking Advantage Of His Generosity
Taking Advantage Of His Generosity

"We’ve lived here for 14 years, and have had several run-ins with the woman next door, who is usually known as the Parking Nazi. She and her husband have two adult sons that have moved away, and the husband has Multiple Sclerosis.

The first thing that we noticed was that if one of our friends came to visit and parked anywhere near the front of her house, she’d come knocking to ask them to move. This happened several times, and even though we all know that street parking is for everyone and that no one owns the city street, we acquiesced to keep the peace.

My husband often stepped in to help the neighbour’s husband - since he had MS, it was hard for him to put up Christmas lights, or clean and repair his gutters. He did this regularly for years, in spite of the nasty wife.

One summer about four years ago, the husband called over the fence. He asked my husband if we had any use for the box springs from underneath his king-sized bed; he’d bought a new one and didn’t want to deal with the old ones. We did not! We have enough stuff! But my husband took them and said to me later, 'It’s fine - I’ll take them to the dump, he’s got health issues…' Now, this would have actually cost us time and money, but my husband is a good guy. Later that day, while working in the front yard, we overheard them on the front porch.

The husband had just told her that we would take the box springs. ‘Are they going to pay us $50.00?’ she asked. I looked over at my husband and he just shook his head and shrugged. 'Ugh Maureen, they’re not worth anything! I just want them gone. Maybe they’ll get some use out of them-' but Maureen just said, 'Fine but he’s doing something for them. I’ll ask him to clean the gutters.' At this point, my husband knew he wouldn’t be cleaning the gutters again.

The next day, my husband got home from work, had his supper and laid down for a nap (he did this a lot then) and shortly after, the neighbour came to the door asking for him, but I sent her away, saying he was sleeping. I thought that was the end of it, but she came back 90 minutes later! I slammed the door in her face.

We didn’t hear a thing from them for months. One wintery day, it dumped about three feet of snow and my entire neighbourhood was out shovelling - except - you guessed it - the Parking Nazi. She stayed inside. Four hours later, we had two spaces cleared in front of our house, plus part of the street.

The next day, I got home from work to see MY NEIGHBOUR’S CAR taking up both spots that we had cleared. The spot in front of her place, still piled high with snow. I threw my car in park, stomped up to her house and banged on the front door. She opened it in her pajamas. I couldn’t be civil. 'You get out there and move that freaking truck right NOW. I didn’t spend hours clearing that out so that you could just take it. And parked in the freaking middle!' Then she says she’s parked that way in order to 'save' that spot for her Uncle. I lost it! 'If you don’t move it right now I’m going to move it for you' and got back into my car. Thank goodness that she moved it -clearing that snow was back-breaking labour, and I would have punched her in the face if she hadn’t moved. We don’t speak now."

"I Can Park Anywhere I Want"
"I Can Park Anywhere I Want"

"This incident happened in the summer of 2018. I took a small part, but the real star was my landlord.

A small background. It's common in my country to have apartment buildings next to houses (yard and all). I live in one such building. It has ten apartments. Two on each of the first four floors, one in the ground floor and one in the top floor. The top floor is used by the landlord when he and his family come for vacations (he lives abroad). The rest are rentals. We also have a small backyard with a side entrance (important for later). Next to the building is an empty lot, also belonging to the landlord. We use it as a private parking space, with signs visibly saying it's private. It takes ten cars (one per apartment) and has a side entrance. Also, I was the longest tenant, so I was the superintendent. My job was to be the liaison between the tenants and the landlord and communicate any problems and concerns to him.

The problem started when the house across the street from us was sold. A lovely old lady used to live there, but when she passed away, the house fell into disarray, especially the large yard. The new owners were Ken and Karen (fake names, but lived up to the meme). They immediately began major renovations, which was acceptable. But they also started to park their cars in our two empty spots (one for the landlord and one for the lady in the ground floor that didn't own a car).

At first, we would tell them they were reserved spots and they would move their cars. But when they noticed the spots remained empty, they parked there permanently. I had notified the landlord and he told me to take pictures, log every incident and always notify the police. We started doing that every day.

Ken is a hotshot local businessman and every time we called the cops would cause a scene about us being pricks. He always got a fine, but he very blatantly proclaims he will not pay.

The worst part came about a month before the landlord's annual visit. They stopped using one of their cars and left it permanently in front of the side entrance, blocking it. That was a huge issue. You see, the lady living on the ground floor is a renal dialysis patient and goes three times a week for sessions in the local hospital. The ambulance brings her back and usually parks next to the side entrance because she is exhausted after a session. With Karen's car parked there, that wasn't doable anymore. They don't move it even when the police are called. I notify the landlord and try to keep our own hothead from doing anything foolish (the 'calmer' thing he proposed was slashing their tires).

Finally, our landlord arrives. I hand him the photos and the logs, and he calls Ken over. Tony (the landlord) calmly explains that they are not allowed to park in our space and to move the cars. Ken's response was, 'Who the heck do you think you are? I can park anywhere I want!'

Now, Ken thinks of himself as a 'big fish' in our small town. But Tony is a 'big fish' in a major foreign city. And he is very creative when somebody makes him mad. He tells us to leave the spot next to the side entrance open for the weekend and he will take care of things.

We do that and Ken parks his car next to his wife's. Sunday evening, a tow truck arrives and unloads an old Citroen DS sedan (also known as ‘the Frog’), blocking both of their cars.

Monday morning I wake by the buzzer and when I go downstairs, Ken and Karen are there. They are both livid. They can't move either car. Tony joins me, all smiles. Ken sees him and blows a casket. He starts shouting and cursing. Tony, still smiling, replies, 'I don't see a problem. My car is legally parked. What are YOU going to do about it?'

Ken angrily gets into his car and reverses on the DS, crushing them both. Tony's toothy smile became like that of a shark. He immediately called the police. He pressed charges against Ken for crashing into his rare car.

Tony had legally bought the DS from his cousin who owns a car repair and restoration shop. The car was a restoration project and was insured. The court found Ken liable for the damage done. They also found out he was true to his word and hadn't paid any of the tickets. The fines for the tickets alone were almost 2000€. He also leased both his cars and they dropped him as a client immediately for purposefully causing an accident and damaging the leased car. They're sued for damages. Ken got another car, but learned his lesson and hasn't parked in our spots ever since."